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Justin Bieber

No description

Lika Kodelashvili

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Justin Bieber

Justin’s first official song ‘One Time’, came out on July 2009 and soon was popular all over the world. It won Gold in Australia and New Zealand,and platinum in Canada and the US. In 2010 during his ’My World’ tour, he performed in the largest arena ever ‘Madison Square Garden’ in New York and he himself sold out tickets for 2 shows in that arena, door to door in 22 minutes. In 2012 on the ‘Believe’ tour he sold out 2 shows in the same arena in 30 seconds. At his short age, he has 8 albums and they all are #1, he had 2 worlwide sold out tours, the ‘My World’ tour and the ‘Believe’ tour, 2 massively successful movies, fragrances, and 135 awards. He also holds the record of the most viewed and downloaded song in music history, 'Baby'. He has won 'Best Male Artist' 4 times in a row already, the Diamond Award, which is an award from Queen Elizabeth in result of his record on 'Baby', he has 3 billion views on youtube, he is the most google celebrity and the 2nd most wealthy celeb under 30's. During the ‘Believe’ tour Justin was under a lot of stress, he even fainted with breathing problems and got a concusion from walking through a glass door . He got arrested in 2014 but later, it was announced that Justin wasn’t under the influence of neither alcohol nor drugs and in fact camera’s approved that he wasn’t racing at all, his blood was checked and he didn’t have any signs of drugs taken for the past 2 years. Justin worked his butt off for all the success he has today, unlike other's, he didn't go to X-factor, he didn't get a contract, he started with nothing and look at him now. You cannot possibly say that he is not talented, he can beatbox, he can rap, he solves the rubic cube in seconds, he is an amazing dancer, he acts, he plays sports like an athlete, he does tattoos, he and he draws garffitti. If you think otherwise, you should really listen to 'Believe Acoustic'. No matter what happens, no one can deny that Justin is a legend, he is more successful than 'The Beatles' and 'Michael Jackson'. Justin is the biggest star in the world, he is a pop culture phenomenon, a global superstar and the best singer in music history.
Through all these fake rumors, Justin is still one of the most charitable celebrities, media speaks on and on about fake rumors but never about the wonderful things he does to make people’s lives happier. He works with an organization called 'Pencils of Promise', and 'Make A Wish' foundation.'Make A Wish' foundation is an organization helping kids with different medical problems and making their dreams come true. In the end of Justin's every show on his tour, he made a kid's wish come true, and his only request was no camera’s. All the money from his first perfume ‘Someday’ which is 60 million, went to charity, he donated 3 million to both Haiti and Philippines, he donated $100, 000 and the same amount of money worth of toys to a school of homeless kids and orphans, he built a school in a very poor rural area in Guatemala with his own hands and gave away his shoes while he walked with socks, to a boy he saw who was barefoot. He also had a free concert in Mexico for 100, 000 people because he knew there were many poor people there. He puts smiles on people’s faces every second, he visits hospitals and fans. Justin made a special connection with his fan and angel, Avalanna Routh, also known as 'Mrs. Bieber', he visited her in the hospital and they had a fake marriage. The brave girl, died in the age of 6 with brain cancer and Justin paid tribute to her on the one-year anniversary of her passing and also dedicated the ‘Believe’ movie to her. Justin saw a woman with a sign saying “Just need some help” and he stopped the car during traffic and gave her all the money he had in his wallet. He paid $300,000 for the treatment of his fan's cancer.He has given out 200 concert tickets to tornado victims, he has surprised a cancer stricken fan and he has invited a person he saw in a video who was getting bullied and finally stood up for himself, to his concerts and brought him up on stage saying what an inspiration that kid was. Justin himself used to get bullied all the time, because he didn’t have fancy, clean clothes, he used to get clothes that were much larger in size from his school’s lost & found. 2 months ago, he put a private concert for a fan and her friends, Katy was supposed to come to his concert but was injured in a car crash. He has stopped millions of people from self-harming and committing suicide. But today, he is still known as ‘the bad guy’.
My Opinion
Justin gets tons of hate and threats everyday from people he doesn’t even know. People say really nasty, mean and cruel stuff, like he’s a girl, he’s gay, he puts helium in his voice but one of the most horrible things I’v seen is “God, give us back ‘2 Pac’ or ‘Michael Jackson’ and we’ll give you Justin Biever”, not only him but, haters suggest for us, his fans to kill ourselves and that we’re worthless. . How can you say he's gay when you see that he is in a relationship with a girl? He only sings about girls? Go listen to 'Pray'. He has a fake voice? Listen to the live performance of 'Down to Earth' and believe me, you will be amazed. "How can you like Justin Bieber? He’s talentless and both his music and voice are terrible” that’s what everyone says,excuse me but when it comes to music, not everyone has the same taste, but if I want to listen to him, I’m going to go ahead and do it, its my choice, my taste, and you have no right to judge me.People should just understand that he is boy, who's dream came true and today, he is living it. Justin didn’t get to live normally and gave up everything to do what he loves , to produce music from the age of 12. He is just a human like everyone else but he is under a microscope that the whole world can see. Everyone makes mistakes and whatever happens I will always be there for him because he was there for me when no one else was. Media should just leave him alone and let him live his life, beliebers know the real him, the silly, kind-hearted, down to earth, talented boy and we believe the truth not the lies. Don't hate on him because other people hate on him, he hasn't done anything to deserve all this hate. How would you feel when someone lost his smile because of you? Imagine how it feels to be judged by the whole world and receive threats from people you don't even know daily. In result of all of this hate, he gets broken. Everyone has a big case of jealousy. Ths person right here, has done nothing to you personally, he's a very successful and talented person, and people have taken his success and have decided to make money on it, media makes money by allowing you to believe fake rumors. Medoa doesn't want the truth. They want a story. They take a good normal person and turn them into their own little reality show. They build him up into a big celebrity just so they can tear him down in public. Just so they can sell magazines and TV shows, thats really, sick. Justin Bieber is just one example. He's talented, successful. He is all the stuff kids dream of having. But thanks to media he's had to give up the best things in life. Freedom, privacy, honesty. So congratulations, you've created a celebrity. But you have wrecked the human being inside. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Media will do anything to get money, they will lie about anything they need. How would you feel if you got humiliated like that? How would you deal with it? He is just so strong and he doesn't let people see him get hurt. He is also an inspiration to people who get bullied, because even though he gets humiliated and booed, he perfroms with all his heart and stay's strong no matter what. He deals with bullying and rejection from people but he's learned how to stand up for himself, so the next time you go ahead and judge him for something you're not even sure about, think about how you would deal with that, and how you would feel. All of this negativity against him would hurt anybody, just think about how much pain your each of your word causes. He has been diagnosed with depression for months now and no one ever noticed, he has tried to overdose on some pills, twice, but luckily his friend stopped him. Everyone criticizes his every step, now haters are tearing him apart and we, beliebers, are the only ones who can heal him. People have no right to judge and bully a person they have no idea about, after all ,why and how can you hate on a human? Society has officially killed his smile.

The only idea of this presentation was for you to respect Justin Bieber, and realize that everyone makes mistakes but that is no reason to hate. This is not only about Justin, it is about everyone. Justin, Demi, Selena, Miley and anyone else that gets hate doesn't deserve it, because you don't know them nor their story. People are being subjective, having views about people from what their tastes and feelings are. Don't judge us beliebers either, think before you say something because Justin, could be the reason the person is still alive, or that the person is not self-harming anymore. Justin could be the reason the girl still has that smile on her face, Justin could be the one making her strong enough to fight, Justin could be her hero. I think people should understand that Justin has to be someone special, because we beliebers, officially the largest fan base ever, get bullied everyday, but we don't even think about leaving him. Respect that, having respect doesn't mean you like Justin, it simply means that you are a good person. Don't judge us beliebers before you go through what we've been. My hero and guardian angel told me that a belieber is a promise, and I swear I won't break it. I'm here to stay.
The beginning
Justin Drew Bieber, born on March 1st 1994 in London, Ontario, in St.Joseph’s hospital, on a rainy Tuesday,at 12:56:40, in room 126, on the 2nd floor, weighing 3.17 kg, with AB+ blood type, is today a singer, an actor, songwriter, a musician, the world’s biggest star and today’s pop sensation. His parents Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mallette divorced when Justin was 10 months old so he was raised by a single mother in really bad conditions and his mom had to work 24/7 for him to have everything he needed, so he grew up with his grandparents. Pattie and Justin barely had enough money for food. Justin plays 4 instruments, he was 2 when he started playing the drums, 10 when he played the guitar, 6 when he played the piano and 13 when he played the trumpet, he is completely self-taught. When Justin was about 12, his mother and he, were under the risk of living in the streets, so with his very own will, he decided to sing on the steps of 'The Avon Theater' with his guitar every day. Eventually, everyone knew him and people living near used to open their windows to let his voice come in. Justin has even earned $200 in a day and as soon as he had enough money at the age of 13, he took his mother for a vacation. He entered a Stratford singing competition and unfortunately lost, but he uploaded his performance on YouTube. Justin wrote songs and he went from radio- station to radio-station with his guitar and asked to sing. He had lost all of his hope and people told him to stop dreaming, that his dream would never come true, oh but they were very wrong. Scooter Braun, Justin’s manager saw his videos on YouTube and couldn’t get enough of his talent, so the next day he did everything to find him and he successfully did. Scooter introduced Justin to Usher and Justin sang him Usher’s own song. Usher and Justin Timberlake fought over him but Justin’s choice was Usher. He was signed to 'RBMG' at first then, to LA Reid’s label, and today he is signed to 'Island Records'.
Critisize me all you want, but for me, Justin is literally everything. He is my best friend, my shoulder, my father, my brother, my idol, my inspiration, my hero and my angel. He is the only person who can lighten up my day under any circumstances and make me really smile. Without him, I would have lost faith in everything, in my life, but he keeps me going, he gives me faith and hope that in the end everything’s gonna be alright, that I should believe in myself and my dreams, that everything is possible. He taught me how to live and survive in this cruel world, he brings me up when I’m down and puts a smile on my face everyday.His music is paradise for me, he writes all of his songs and if you just listen to them carefully you will understand how special the words are and how much they mean, how much they can tell you. His music is like heaven for us beliebers, its incredibly important for me personally, it calms me down, it helps me go through certain problems in life, it tells me to keep believing and never say never, and its just amazing how much I can relate to his songs. As soon as I listen to his song I forget about everything and everyone around me. You have no idea how much pain we beliebrs go through, I personally get bullied, critisized and judged by people daily because of loving him more than life, ino one realizes that he has kept me strong through everything. And I hate to dissapoint you but, judge me as much as you want, but I will never leave this fanbase., people should have given up already, because nope, I'm staying as a belieber and I'm proud of it. He is a huge part of me.Beliebers are officially the largest fan-base ever with 63 million but unfortunately we are the most bullied fan-base. You may love your idol with all your heart, but it will never compare to the love beliebers have for Justin. We take the feeling of love to a whole new level, unless you're a belieber, you have no idea what I'm talking about. Its undescribable, you'll never feel the feeling beliebers feel for Justin. Don't even dare to say that he doesn't love us, because we mean the world to him, and if he didn't he wouldn't even try to make our lives better. He has cancelled serious meetings because there were fans outside in the streets and so he wanted to sign autographs and take photo's with them. He treats us like princesses , he writes songs about us, he takes time to respond to our texts, he bought beliebers in an apple store brand new iPhones, when he was in a hotel and there where beliebers beneath his balcony, he ordered them pizza, hot chocolate, and played songs for them. Justin has said that he loves his fans dearly, but he’d take a bullet for his belieber, and I know we would too without any second thoughts. I put him, his personality and heart before his music because his precious heart is the reason I am a belieber. You won't understand me unless you are a belieber. My favorite songs are: As long as you love me, Be Alright, Nothing Like us, Down To Earth, Never Let You Go and Fall. I can't imagine life without him, he is so much more than an idol, he is a part of me. I'm not a stalker, I'm dedicated.I'm not a fan, I'm a belieber. I'm not obsessed, I'm supportive. He's not just a singer, he's my hero.

Justin Bieber
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