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Welcome to A2 Photography

Use this fun digital scrapbook template from Prezi to capture and share your life events.

Emer Gillespie

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to A2 Photography

Welcome to A2 Photography!
A digital camera - compact camera or preferably a DSLR
Access to a working 35mm SLR camera
A4 or A3 Journal (a sketch book to record your journey)
Glue stick (vital!), pens/pencils/erasers
"Try to be creative and experimental"
Use different mediums
Light is everything! Book the studio and try out different techniques
include all experiments in sketchbook- disasters and success's
Welcome to A2 Photography
You will be joining a successful and exciting course with some good success stories and achievements; and with hard work and commitment it could be you this year!
We asked our A2 students before they left for some words of wisdom and advice we could pass onto you. Here are some of the nuggets of advice they gave...
To bring your sketchbook to every lesson!!!
Photographic paper and negatives to practical lessons.
A memory stick to save work onto in digital lessons.

It makes it very hard for you to continue working on your project if you forget these. It can also mean that you fall behind easily as you miss out on work and/or lose notes/handouts.
Please remember!!
What You Will Need for Your A2 Photography Course
and most importantly .
plenty of enthusiasm to look at the work of other artists and to explore the world around you with your camera.
"Time management - Start right away – do not leave things till the last minute "
"Keep up to date with sketchbook work"
"Teachers allow you to be more independent – make sure you know what you’re doing"
"Keep on shooting until you get what you want – do not settle for average images"
"Do the essay as soon as you can so you have time for the actual project" (Personal project essay)
"Really immerse yourself in the subject"
"Ask for feedback"
"Be prepared for a lot of work"
"Keep up to date with sketchbook work "
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