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Landscape Urbanism

No description

Aileen Wong

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Landscape Urbanism

LANDSCAPE URBANISM The designs are created for the environmental and human conditions. Create a sense of space with natural system. Dynamic and not static. Definition of
Urbanism Flexible. History and personality of a place. Design with nature in mind. Why is it important to us? Landscape Urbanism has been emerging from the Europe, Australia and USA Durable, adaptable structures with minimal maintenance. The Strategies of
Landscape Urbanism Talk with the community. Be creative. Consider alternatives. Creator of the movement Landscape Urbanism Charles Waldheim Book Landscape Urbanism vs. New Urbanism Points, lines, and surfaces. Parc de la Vilette Bernard Tschumi in 1980. Largest park in Paris. Ecology James Corner The High Line Horizontality Forms of Process Techniques Infrastructures CASE STUDY 1 CASE STUDY 2 The Design Principles The Jinsha County Metro Center Urban Design The design goal Strengthen function and diversity. Ecology Functional space Pedestrian priority Elastic development Howard Air Force Base, it start using in 1942. Panama Pacifico CASE STUDY 3 Sustainable. Mixed-use community. The project starts in 2007. Includes 3,450 acres of land. 20th century 1,000,000 16cities
21st century 1,000,000 500cities 90s Cedric Price Think green, instead of focusing on structures. To Conclude Landscape Urbanism Mountains, hills, water and vegetation. Tangible and physical. LANDSCAPE Natural and cultural influences. Land, water and wind. Processes of change in towns and cities. Urbanism Interaction and movement of the population in urban areas with the built environment. Urban planning or development. New movement? Needs some changes? Present and the future Up and coming URBANISM LANDSCAPE UP AND COMING Planning and designing with landscape in mind. New York City, 1.6 km. 50% green areas 学生姓名:黄惠玲 学生姓名:黄惠玲 学生姓名:黄惠玲
指导教师:朱捷 教授 Chongqing University
Architecture and Urban Planning Faculty Aileen J. Wong
Prof. Zhu Jie
April, 2013.
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