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Fish Presentation

Timothy Yu

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Fish

Fish A fish is a cold-blooded animal that
is part of the phylum Chordata. What is a fish? Here are some characteristics that
all fish have. Swimmig- Fishes have body parts
that other animals don't have. Underwater Breathing-
Fish uses gills to breathe. Fish Reproduction- Fish lay eggs. Sensing- Fishes have a brain that keeps track of everything that comes in from the senses. There are three types of fish. 1. Jawless Fish Jawless Fish do not have jaws,
most of the jawless fish suck, rather
than chew. Like this Lamprey above. 2. Cartilaginous Fish In cartilaginous fishes, the cartlage
is never replace by bone, so it makes
them exellent swimmers. Like this Great
White Shark above. 3. Bony Fishes.
Bony fishes are the exact opposite of
cartiligeous fishes, they have a skeleton.
These include most of the fishes we eat, like
the marlin above. Fact: 95% of all fishes are bony fishes.
The End What is the symmetry of a fish?
A normal fish has bilateral symmetry.
Timothy Yu
Vivian Chang
Where do fish live?
All fish live in water.
-Someone's fish bowl What are the living conditons for a fish?
Most fish live in water about 72 degrees Body plan of most fish. What do most fish eat?
Most fish eat other fish, or annelids. Fact: There are more species of fish than than all the other species in the phylum Chordata. Fact: Some fish can "fly".
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