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Mr.Mondesir's : The Mexican War

Texas History - Cy-Fair ISD

Texas History

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Mr.Mondesir's : The Mexican War

Major Encounters
1.) Monterrey

-September 21-23, 1846
-Mexican army surrendered their position

2.) Buena Vista

-February 23,1847
-Defeated Santa Anna

3.) Mexico City

-September 13, 1847
-Clinched the victory of the war for the U.S
Causes of the War
1.) Annexation of Texas

-Poor relations between Texas and Mexico

2.) Dispute over borders between Texas and Mexico

- Rio Grande vs. Nueces Rivers

3.) Mexico owed U.S. Money

4.)Fighting at Palo Alto and Resaca de la Palma
1.) Ended dispute over boundary of Texas and Mexico.

2.) Set present day boundaries.

3.) Manifest Destiny was achieved .

4.) Over 1/4 of present - day U.S acquired.
The Mexican - American War
Santa Anna
1.)General Zachary Taylor – U.S.
Captured Monterrey
Captured Buena Vista

2.)General Winfield Scott
– U.S.
Landed at Vera Cruz
Captured Mexico City

3.)President James Polk of U.S.

4.)President Mariano Paredes of Mexico.

5.)General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna - Mexico
Treaty of Guadalupe -Hidalgo
1.) Mexico agreed to recognize Texas as part of U.S.

2.) Rio Grande set as Texas - Mexico border.

3.)Mexico ceded vast amounts of land and the U.S.
paid $15 million for Mexican Cession.

(Included present-day California , Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming.

4.) U.S took over $3.5 million in claims against Mexican Government by U.S. citizens.

5.) Mexicans living in ceded area were granted rights of U.S citizenship
Included present day California, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming
Mexican Cession
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