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LinkedIn Basics

No description

Katie Scheuer

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of LinkedIn Basics

Why LinkedIn?
List your past positions & education
Include a summary
Past bosses and coworkers
Contacts through other social networks
Family friends
Professional association members
Student organization contacts
Volunteer connections
Alumni of your graduate and undergraduate institutions
Members of your LinkedIn groups
Need more help?
Visit LinkedIn's Learning Center for step-by-step user guides
Reach out to your existing network for informational interviews...maybe you'll find out about unlisted opportunities
Search Tool
Check the "Jobs" tab to see what members of the group have posted
Stay on top of current trends and events
Reach out to people in groups for conversations about your industry (informational interviews)

Search for specific positions and companies to see who you and your contacts are connected to
Past Coworker
Hiring Manager
Preparing for the Interview
Find a connection at the company
Get the inside scoop by connecting with a current employee
Unlike , is for
professional networking only.

Who is on LinkedIn?
Over 450 million professionals from around the world
LinkedIn profiles are often the first search results on Google. Search for your name, and make sure what turns up is professional.
Start by listing your current title/status:
Graduate Student in Investment Management
Financial Analyst at J.P. Morgan

Take a professional photo: a close headshot of you alone.
Consider requesting recommendations
from past employers
You already have a professional network if you look in the right places!
Shared Interests
Professional Associations
Fraternities and Sororities
Honor Societies
75% of recruiters and employers will search for candidates using key words. Keep your summary and specialties updated so companies can find you.
Search for jobs...
Photo credit: affordableresumehelp.com
Search in groups for jobs posted by members
Update your profile and reach out to your network
Use the main jobs tab to search for opportunities
Over a million groups to chose from including...
Research companies
News about the company
Information about company culture
Statistics about the company and its employees

Don't forget to include volunteer and unpaid experiences!
*Find Alumni Tab*
Don't forget to check your "Settings" tab!
Let's see what one looks like...
It is a great tool for...
Staying in touch with classmates/colleagues
Reaching out to someone after a conference/networking event
Finding contacts for informational interviews
Developing a professional online presence
Sign up
This is your 30 second spot written out formally
Build your profile...
Add why you want to connect:
"It was nice meeting you in Dr. Soss's class today!"

Explain how you know each other or what you have in common, why you want to connect
“Jane Doe mentioned that we should get in touch”

Ask a question unique to them and their career or expertise
"I'm an MS in HR student at Temple, and I saw your post about HRIS systems on the SHRM LinkedIn group. Would you mind sharing your thoughts on X?"

Be sure to reference specific things you discussed in your conversation - don’t assume they are going to remember who you are
"It was great meeting you at the Temple Networking event on Wednesday. Thanks for taking the time to chat about your role at KPMG."

Tips for Connecting
Be concise
Express your intentions
Say thank you
NEVER ask for a job!

Do Your Research
Goal: 30+
Presented by:
Katie Scheuer + Jill McGovern
Center for Student Professional Development
Use a short but personalized message:
After: switch to email...
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