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The Business of Ethics

No description

Michelle McGlynn

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Business of Ethics

The of Business What are Ethics? Ethical principles and moral problems
that arise in a business environment. Background Concerns began in the 1970's
By the mid 80's there were 500 courses available to 40,000 college students
The Society for Business Ethics began in 1980
Firms began outlining their Code of Ethical Behavior in the early 90's What do you think? In ethical decisions the answer
is almost never a "yes or no",
"right or wrong" statement. “There is only one ethics, one set of rules of morality, one code: That of
individual behavior in which the same rules apply to everyone alike.” SOX Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Enacted in reaction to
major corporate and
accounting scandals
in 2001 - outlines new
standards for publicly
traded corporations Enron Tyco Intn'l WorldCom Today... Bernie Madoff Ethical Decisions Do you do the right
thing because deep
down inside you know
its right? Or because
you know you could
get in trouble otherwise? Consequential Non-Consequential
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