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Blogs to the Rescue!

No description

Mrs. T

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Blogs to the Rescue!

Blogs to the Rescue!
A one-stop shop for expanding literacy, improving reflection, and showcasing student work

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
5th grade at Houghton Elementary

The Wednesday Wars
with my students (love that book!)
and learning from amazing educators
a parody music video for Reading Month!
blessed to have been chosen for a MACUL grant
fun classroom activities for next month when my students take the M-STEP
my students' attitudes about blogging
1. Students will take better
ownership of the writing process
when their work can be published online on a blog.
2. The thrill of creating content, obtaining feedback, editing their work, and posting responses for others will inspire students to
improve effort
in their writing.

Blogs help expand literacy.
Multiple contributors - MI Champions team
Showcase of artwork and writing
Charts/graphs about time spent reading
One school, one book questions and vocab
SoundCloud integration
Many more hits, still limited interaction

Other blogging endeavors in education...
It seemed my main
maintaining student enthusiasm.
The classroom collaborative blog simply didn't allow students to blog often enough. Some students didn't have technology at home, and our classroom resources were also limited (i.e. ONE student desktop).

Transition from a classroom collaborative blog to individual student blogs to
increase blogging frequency

Why a MACUL grant?
Blogging history...

Blog born midyear - Blogger
Fall semester only
Only the girls were into it
Taught 2nd grade, no blog
Few comments = less interest
Taught MS technology
Back in Room 151 with extra technology, thanks to a MACUL grant
"As a parent, I can see that
the students enjoy blogging
more than just regular writing. Anyone can see their writing, so the kids are more careful about being correct. [My child]
will actually go back to edit her writing
if she realizes something is not correct. The kids like to
comment on each others work
which encourages them to continue blogging. [She] really liked being able to blog from afar,
when we were traveling
to Washington DC."
- Deb See, Room 151 parent
Blogs improve student reflection.
Blogging encourages students to use
critical thinking skills
in a technology rich environment.
The reflection becomes more personal, because it is their
personal space

Blogs can be portfolios.
Display students’ best work.
Photos of artifacts
Digital projects
Tags and categories make it easy to sort and search.
There is a new version!
I updated last week - and we are
still adjusting to the changes.
A blogging journey made possible through a $1500 MACUL grant.
Why blog with students?
Digital Projects
Scratch programming
Prezi presentations
Paper slide videos
And more!
"The Chromebooks allow the classroom to do blogging, but they also open so many other doors for the kids. As a firmware engineer, I particularly like the Scratch work that the Chromebooks have enabled. My daughter is exposed to early coding concepts, and has really enjoyed this."
-Deb See, Room 151 parent
Mollie Trewartha
Houghton-Portage Township Schools
#macul15 #michED
Blogging in my room today is much different from when I began in 2009.
Blogging with Students FAQ
What do kids write about?

Do you ever assign topics?

Do you grade their blog entries?

Do you edit their work?
The fact that students receive a
variety of
on their blog
entries is a big part of the
motivational power -
because there is an
Video? Sully?
Turn & talk. What's your status?


Turn & talk
Do you blog...
...yourself? your classroom?

Do you actively read blogs?

What is the appeal of blogging?
"This has been the most memorable of the many reasons is blogging. She finds
true joy
in writing. It allows her to have a
. One in which might have not been heard very clearly without the opportunity. It allows her to take the time and
think about the day and assess
. Positive feedback to bloggers from classmates encourages the students to become eager to blog...I love how blogging
allows students to express opinions
which involve the entire curriculum. It's an
open forum
for growth, development, and a new style of teaching which promotes a
positive impact
on my child."
Amanda Merriman, Room 151 parent
Think: Exit slip
Thinking about blogging?
Blogging Basics for Students
"We enjoy reading his blog and getting a sneak peek into the lives of your fifth grade students. It has also given his grandparents that do not live close an opportunity to see what he is doing in school and have a conversation with him.
I think the blogging project has impacted him in a positive way. He is not much of a writer when it comes to putting something on paper but he likes the ease of working on the computer."
Kari Damsteegt, Room 151 parent
Purpose, goals
District tech policies
Platform options
-KidBlog, edublogs, weebly, Blogger
Frequency of posting
Audience - class, families, public?
Commenting - open, moderation
Photos, video
What is a blog?
How to write an interesting post
How to comment
Digital citizenship
How to navigate the blog platform
Embedding digital projects
Teachable moments :)
Have a great idea? Write a grant!
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