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Self-Esteem Presentation

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jen zhu

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Self-Esteem Presentation

How Self-Esteem is Measured
Journal Article
Can high Self-Esteem be a negative thing?
by: Nicole Corkery , Sung Lee, Jenny Zhu, Chelsea Herr, Raymani Bernard, Carlos Battle

Personality Summer 2 2013

Summary of Self Esteem
What is Self Esteem?
Self-esteem may be a
that assesses the degree to which one is accepted by the group. A decline in the status of one's self-esteem may be an
evolved danger signal
that one may be shunned
(Funder, 336).

overall opinion
about whether you are good or bad, worthy or unworthy, or somewhere in between
David C. Funder

How you honestly feel about your
abilities and limitations

Mayo Clinic, MN.
Individuals with healthy self esteem ...
Have tolerance and
for others
Accept responsibility for their actions
Take pride in their accomplishments
Are self-motivated
Are willing to take risks
capable of handling criticism
Are loving and lovable
Seek the challenge and stimulation of worthwhile and demanding goals
command and control
of their lives
of happiness, pleasure, love and approval
Have sense of belonging
Like, love, and respect themselves
Expect to be respected
Feel confident and accepting of their imperfections
of who they are and their accomplishments without feeling the need to apologize for it
Aware of what is important to them
in being able to accept any challenge
Friendly to themselves and others
Have an opinion, but
that others may disagree, without changing an opinion to please others
Do not believe they are good enough to have good things happen to them
Feel like they are
with their looks, opinions, or beliefs
Have a
outlook on life
Unsure of themselves,
self- conscious
Unwilling to challenge themselves, try new things, or move out of comfort zone
Focus on
more than strengths
Unsure of their priories in life
Rosenberg's Self-Esteem Scale
Heidi Montag
Demi Moore
What Do You Think?
Scores are calculated as follows

For Questions 1, 2, 4, 6, and 7
Strongly agree = 3
Agree = 2
Disagree = 1
Strongly Disagree = 0

For Question 3,5,8,9, and 10
strongly agree = 0
Agree = 1
Disagree = 2
Strongly disagree = 3
Do you think this is a good way to measure the trait?
Who's to say what kind of self-esteem you have ?
Can you think of a better way to measure the trait?
Feeling Better but Doing Worse - Effects of Facebook Self-Presentation on Implicit Self-Esteem
Can high self-esteem negatively impact you?
Only college kids from one university in the northeast US
70% Female/ 30% Male
159 participants
High Self Esteem
Low Self Esteem
To control for participant's cognitive performance things were taken into account
Cognitive Task
IAT test
– The experimental group was allowed to look at their own profiles for 5 minutes -
a self affirming venue
– But the control group

were assigned an average stranger – an equivalent yet
non-affirming activity

Cognitive Test
A simple cognitive task was then used
Doing sequential subtraction by 7's from 1978
As many attempts in 2 minutes
Measured two things from this test
Number of
and number of
IAT test
Implicit Association Test (IAT)
This test measures unconscious attitudes and activates the associated value judgement
Basically - its how fast you associate words
good or bad words to associate with yourself
good or bad words to associate with others
High self-esteem - the faster association with positive words towards yourself, and the slower association of negative words towards yourself
1. Increase in Self-Esteem from view your own Facebook
It was found that self esteem was increased after looking at one’s own profile because it is a carefully managed type of presentation that makes you look awesome
IAT test showed higher scores for experimental group
2. Increase in Self-Esteem Caused Decrease in Motivation
An increased sense of self-worth induced by target's own Facebook profile decreased the motivation of the target - the effort to prove oneself became superfluous
target had less attempts at the cognitive task (sequential subtraction of 7 from 1978)
but with the same amount of errors as the control group

Using Facebook makes you less motivated!?
A shocking new finding ... Facebook is a waste of your time!
Along with other studies that support that it decreases school performance and increases procrastination
Individuals with high self esteem ...
Individuals with low self esteem ...
Jennifer Lawrence
Self Esteem
Marilyn Monroe
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