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the tree

there was a tree...

Wyatt Homola

on 2 February 2010

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Transcript of the tree

There Once Was a Tree The tree had come from a seed and the seed had come from a boy's pocket The boy's name was Pip, and he had come from a small village in Africa In this village, there lived a mighty lion And only the luck of the great tree could protect the villagers from the lion's wrath But the great tree was dying, and so Pip had been sent to retrieve its seed The villagers did not know that the lion was only angry because the great tree was dying For the lion had grown under the tree and rested in its shade But now his cubs could not do the same and so the lion was sad, and angry at the villagers The lion did not know that the tree was only dying because she could not stand to see the lion sad For the tree had watched over the lion and shaded him from the sun But she could no longer, for now the lion was badgering the villagers Pip was the only son of the custodians of the tree, and it was his father Pip who had planted it. Never had his father told him where the seed of the great tree had come from. He knew only that he must find a way to grow a new tree
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