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FLL Competition

Description of the FLL tournament

Daniel Le Jeune

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of FLL Competition

FLL Competition First Lego League is a, as you can imagine, a Lego competition. But, this is a special one. Instead of building lego models that are so boring and do nothing, you build a robot. A lego Mindstorm. To find out more about this, you can visit www.fll.org . What this is Lego mindstorms How this works This means the way the robot is built.The robot has to be built correctly. It cannot be past a certain height and width. And there are other minor rules witch I don't know. But if you wish to inquire completely, go to (as always) www.fll.org. I have included a picture of a robot that was used in a competition. Robot engineering Each year, the competition has a theme. Last year, the theme was food safety. That means that we were assigned a project. We had to choose a food and try to find a way to protect it. We chose bread. So that means we have to reaserch bread, and how to preserve it. But, that is not all. We also had to program the robot and build it too. The following slides explain that in more detail. Last year's theme. General Idea The judges need to see your programming. Your programs will need to be neat and tidy. The reason they need to check, is because there are some sensors that you aren't allowed to use. To see the list, search FLL. I have included an image of a program. I will cover that topic later. Robot programming A mindstorm program This is probably the most important thing in the competition. Core values means:
Core means person and values means what it is.
So it means what other people mean to you.
The judges look at this a lot on the day of the competition. They will be walking around evaluating that. So you mustn't boss anyone around. Core values One of the most important things of the FLL Lego team is the research. As I explained earlier, you have to research a topic relevant to the theme of the year. In other words, if the theme is electricity, you cant do a research project on mars. The following is an example of a research sheet. Research After you have done your research, you must find a way to tell other people about it. Normally, when you register for the competition, you automatically get a blog to use. But that is not compulsory. I will explain that in more depth. You must also explain it to the judges. You can make a presentation or do other such things. I will also explain that later. Advertising and explaining your research. When, doing research, you have to find an innovative solution and advertise it. One of the easiest ways to do that is to make a website. As for the programming, many people, when told to make a website, say that it super hard. But is is actually very easy. Another way of advertising is by telling people at school about the solution. On the day of the competition, you have to give the judges a copy of your research paper. Details Robot Engineering As I explained earlier, there are certain rules about building the robot. I attached an image about the sensors. There are 5 main sensors. The geological is not a very good idea to use because of measurement problems. On the image below, there is missing 1 sensor called the color sensor. It is also not really wise to use that because the color can be different. For example, you tell the robot to stop on a dark blue, but the color is now a light blue. Details Robot Programming When many people hear programming they think that a nine year old would not be able to do that. Well that is true for some programming but for mindstorms it's really easy. Details Research Details Core Values Core values is all about working together without fighting. While training you have to take photos of everyone cooperating. Because on the day you have to present it to the judges On the day Details Details On the day On the day they give each team a table on which you can display and advertise things about your project. It would be a great idea to keep to laptops there in case of problems. You will have to juggle stuff because you must report to different rooms to present different things. It would also be a good idea to make different copies of the research paper so you can keep one or two. The robot On the day I know I haven't been very precise about what the robot must do but on the day, you compete against another team. You get 2½ minutes to do everything on the table. Only two people will be allowed next to the robot when it is performing, while the rest of the team has to shout as loud as they can to encourage the robot. Other stuff On the day You you have prsent everything you have done to the judges. For the research you can perform a skit, do a presentation etc. You have to present your robot by doing a RDES, a Robot Design Executive Summary, which is a short description of your robot in four minutes that you do 1 week before the competition. Advertise the solution Spark Find an innovative solution Find a Problem
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