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Veterans Of Foreign Wars - Interest Groups Projects

William Miles and Alex Hadley

William Miles

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Veterans Of Foreign Wars - Interest Groups Projects

Assessment Government Targets Groups Actions Current Issues Political Ideology William Miles and Alex Hadley
12/14/12 Veterans of Foreign Wars Our assessment on the VFW, the VFW does a very good job on earning money, but they do not handle their money very well or their clients very well. Their has been law suits against them for mishandling their money, sexual harassment, and misconduct. The Veterans of Foreign Wars do not support any specific political party, they are considered a neutral organization, but base their views with the conservative party. The Veterans of Foreign Wars have endorsed candidates on both sides of the political scale. They are a neutral organization that supports both sides, liberal and conservatives. Obama spoke at their last convention, but Romney also recognized them. The VFW is trying to get congress to fund
a VA health care bill that helps out the wounded veterans and sick veterans to the highest quality care they can get. Suicides take the lives of 18 veterans everyday, the VFW is urging the congress to help them fund support groups to help the veterans in need. The VFW has groups setup of for these organizations,but need the funding to truly help out these veterans. The VFW is fighting to keep the GI Bill sustained. The VFW(Veterans of Foreign Wars) supported the bill, the MIAP(Missing in America Project)est. 2012, this bill helps the VA find unclaimed veterans support and give them burial offers that helps veterans that are homeless and help the families who are not capable to pay for a burial service. It gives the veterans a proper way to rest in peace when they pass. It also ensures the family in a way their loved ones can rest in peace. The VFW supported the COLA act(2012), which is, Cost-of-Living adjustment. This act was enforced to help: disabled veterans, widowed or widower spouses of veterans, and children of veterans. It helps these veterans, or loved ones of veterans, with lost salary or savings the veterans disability caused. This act compensates for what the veterans have lost. The VFW uses contributions from
the citizens to help raise money for their organization. They are a non-partisan organization, they do not affiliate with a specific party. The money can only be raised by a person or groups, but the contributors have to lucidly advertise what they are raising money for. In the Executive Branch, there is a department called Department of Defense, more commonly known as the DOD. The VFW targets this part of the Executive Branch, the DOD can help the VFW ensure that our military and military veterans are properly treated and do not go unnoticed. The VFW targets the Legislative branch in the government. Their reasoning for targeting the Legislative Branch, is Government gives the Legislative Branch the power to monitor the bills that affect the veterans. On the Conservative side, the VFW is urging the government to remain fully committed to keep improving the quality life of active duty soldiers and Reserve soldiers and the families. On the liberal side, the VFW is making sure the government is providing health care for veterans and the active duty soldiers and their families making sure they get the highest qualities of life they can have.
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