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Holes: Racism

Look at how racism is shown to be bad in the book.

Mark Halden

on 5 July 2011

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Transcript of Holes: Racism

How does the story show racism is bad? By making the veiwer care for sam and katherine. By showing how racism turns katherine into Kissing Kate Barlow By showing trout as a bad character By showing the other results of racism Before sam is killed, Kate the loving and careing school teacher and then turns into Kissing Kate Barlow, the most feared outlaw in Texas. The athor has written the book in a way that mkes the reader feel storngly about Kathereine and Sam, this means that when Is killed we feel sorry for Katherine and understand why she turns into Kissing Kate Barlow. Trout is shown as a bad character in the book so that when he kills Sam, the reader feels pity for Sam and strongly dislikes Trout. The Following are used to Show How Racism is Bad? Clothing - During casual events in the movie, Katherine Barlow is seen dressed in simple, white clothing with a flower in her hair. This demonstrates Katherine's feelings are peaceful and happy.

Clothing - After the death of Sam, Katherine wanted revenge on the sheriff. On the day that she killed the sheriff, she was wearing a dark red dress, indicating blood and sin. Music - In certain scenes such as when Katherine bought some onions off Sam, the background music is peaceful and innocent. In another scene where Sam kissed Kate in the schoolhouse, the music became cautious but suttle as if they were doing something they weren't supposed to be doing. Trout is described as a very greedy character that expects what he asks for. Camera Angles - When kate barlow pointed the gun at the sheriff, the camera angle was pointing from a lower angle thus making an intimidating look.
In the scene when Kate Barlow is laying against Sam’s boat on the dried up lake, the camera’s view is aimed downwards at Kate, making her appear helpless with no escape.
The scene where the shoe was being focused at while it was floating in the air toward the sun shows the importance of the shoe. Clothes - in the end of the book kate is has old torn clothes and stiches above her eye this shows that she has been part of a viloent situations and she dosnt think about how she looks anymore. Trout can be described as the destruction of Green Lake. He caused pollution (his boat) and he was the main cause of racism in Green Lake. In a way, Trout can also have been seen to have created a secondary curse, starting when he goes mad and gets his future generations to dig on the Lake. Lighting - Whilst Sam is alive, the lighting is bright and glowing, giving a feeling of peace and innocence on Green Lake. In Stanley's situation, there is a feeling of exhaustion and tiredness during the day on Green Lake.

In both Stanley's and Sam's situation with other characters, life becomes more personal at night.

When Sam kisses Kate in the schoolhouse, there is no other noise from animals, people or insects, stating that this event was important in the story. The Lake drys up and then the town and its people are forced to move away. Kate kills the sherif in an act of revenge towards the town. Sam didnt deserve to die, and this is a perfect example of how racism is shown to be bad in the movie. The law states "its only illegal gor a black man to kiss a white woman not a white woman to kiss a black man, this means that when sam kissed katherine he broke the law and was sentanced to death. Kate barlow kissed everyone she killed
which symbolizes that the death of
sam was caused by a kiss and therefor
death was led by a kiss.
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