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The Boy On The Wooden box. By: Leon Leyson

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destiny scott

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of The Boy On The Wooden box. By: Leon Leyson

I think the overall message of the book is to accept people the way they are. Just because they're different from you doesn't mean we should get treated any different. we're all different! Some people in life just aren't going to understand that and you'll just have to try and live with it. Don't let it get to you.
The Boy On The Wooden box.
The boy on the wooden box.
The setting of this book is during the holocaust. the boy gets moved around from place to place, very unhealthy place to live and many people die everyday.
Leib Lezjon is the main character and also the protagonist. He is a little jewish boy who grew up trying to survive the holocaust.
The antagonist in this book would be Hitler and the nazi's. They are punishing Leib Lezjon simply for being jewish. They are pulling families apart, treating them like slaves, and killing some for no reason.
Destiny Scott
Period 3
BY: Leon Leyson
225 pages in the boy on the wooden box
illustrator of this book cover: Leon Leyson
" Would this torture ever end? i knew i had to holld on and not falter or it would start all over again." page 121
"What's your name? they shouted. Are you a jew? that slapped me furious they had assumed i was a normal kid.
The climax of the story was when Leib Lezjon's little cousin that he's lived with gets shot by the nazi's and his family is taken away.
Book Notes
I chose ...
How does the main character change? How does the setting affect the plot?
" I stand in line waiting to meet the man who changed my life. "
In the begging of the book Leib is living a normal life. There are only rumors about whats going to happen to him and his family but nobody is worried yet.
The rising action is when they hear about Hitler and all the jews are moved into a small cramped apartment like place called the ghetto. They live their life there until once again they are moved but this time they're split up and forced to work like slaves.
" A few days after we moved to the ghetto the nazi's sealed the gates locking us inside. Still we thought, if this is the worse that happens..."
" My first impression of Plaszow's was as if hell on earth never changed. i only needed one look to tell that his was a completely foreign place."
The setting affects the plot through out the book because it is moved from place to place without the same people which can affect the characters actions and can also affect the outcome of whatever happens.
The main character changes through out the book because he's ripped away from his family, and moved from place to place forced to work and beaten for no reason. all of this is going to change the way he acts.
The End!
I love to tumble.
I am in elite cheer.
I am awesome :)
I laugh a lot.
I have a puppy, and i love her <3
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