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Welcome to student org officer training

No description

Marialuisa Burgos

on 2 September 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to student org officer training

The Basics
Agreement To Policies
By attending this training and receiving a copy of the officer handbook, you acknowledge that you have been informed of student organization policies and procedures, and agree to abide by them.
The Basics
This money comes directly from students, and goes right back to students by supporting their activities and interests.

Each type of Student Fee Funding is available as an allocation. The money will NOT automatically be given to your or your org;
you must apply for it.

All Student Fee Funds are kept in accounts separate from your org's. Even if you receive funding, it
will not be deposited into your account

There are 3 types of Student Fee Funding
Welcome to Student Org Officer Training!
Thank you!
Student Org
Responsibilities and Requirements
Must adhere to all student org and MSU Denver policies

Alcohol Policy (p.24) Equal Opportunity (p.17)

Hazing Policy (p.23)
Your Student Org Team!
You must register or update your profile on OrgSync every fiscal year: Which begins on July 1st and ends June 29th.

Must be full time staff or faculty at MSU Denver
Must fill out the Advisor Verification form on OrgSync
At least 4 MSU Denver students
Complete training every fiscal year (Presidents and
2.0 GPA
Completed 3 credits at MSU Denver
Enrolled in 3 credits at MSU Denver

There is a sample constitution on OrgSync under "files"
You can amend or update your constitution
Make sure you reflect the school's name change in your constitution!
ex/ "MSU Denver" instead of "MSCD"
Is the official means of registration and communication
Has several inter-organization communication tools and applications
Has unlimited storage and a website builder
Training is available upon request
It's free!
Free Orgsync App for your Iphone!
Money and Forms
Organization Accounts
Student Org accounts are available upon request. E-mail the student org specialist if you would like an account.
Financial Responsibility
The President and Treasurer are responsible for the org account.

All student orgs must maintain their account through the Office of Student Activities. This is the only account they may have.

All financial transactions must be done through this account.

If an org is inactive for 3 years, the account will be closed. If the org
re-registers within 12 months of closing, all monies will be transferred back.

Tax Information
What do I need to do in order to collect sales Tax?
You must display the school's tax licenses.

What is taxed?
All food, beverages, tangible goods, equipment rental.
How much sales tax is collected?
Refer to the sales record forms on OrgSync
How are sales tax forms submitted?
Download the Deposit form WITH TAX and fill it out. This information will auto-populate to the deposit form

Where do I get help with this?
Our student org specialist BJ Layman blayman5@msudenver.edu
Depositing Money
To find the deposit form:
Under the "files" tab in OrgSync
-We showed you this earlier, so you should know where it is!

There is a
"Student Org Deposit Form"

Step One:
Step Two:
Campus Approved Caterers
Campus policy states that if you are feeding 35+ people, you must use a campus approved caterer.
Cake is exempt from this policy
Full service Caterers:
Serendipity Catering
Relish Catering and events
Biscuits and Berries.

Specialty Caterers:
Mark PI
Saj Mediterranean Grill
Vanilla Bean
Black Jack Pizza

After the event please turn in a list of attendees to student activities
Spending and Purchasing Procedures
You fill out the Special Purchase Order form when you want to spend money
Setting up an SPO

What is an SPO? It is similar to an "IOU." Basically, you're setting up an agreement to pay up to a certain amount of money to a company.

You need to get quotes for what you're going to spend money on

Attach a W9 to your SPO request

NOTE: SPO's take about 5 business days to set up, so you need to fill out the form 1 week before you plan on making a purchase. (As long as all documents are provided)
Student Fee Funding Assistance
Student Travel
What: $ for registration, transportation, and lodging at professional conferences in the U.S.
Individual, Pair, and Group Funding Available
Who: Students with a 2.5 GPA,
Must travel with an advisor
Can only be used once per fiscal year
Proposal Packet
Book travel
Campus Event Funding
For events on campus Monday-Friday
Allocations- 1st year Orgs year: $1,000 per semester
2 year Orgs: $2,000 per semester
Facility Rental
Speaker Transportation and Lodging
Honorarium (speaking fees)
Event Promo Materials
Security (for non-alcohol events)
Expenses not in proposal
Fundraising Events
Gifts/Gift Cards
Events for political candidates or issues
Religious Services/Ceremonies
Alcohol or Security for alcohol events
Donations to other orgs
Salaries for individuals
Off-Campus/Weekend Events
Pg. 9
How do you apply?!
Meet with BJ or Elizabeth.
Fill out the proposal on Orgsync (in the "forms" section)
Upload all supporting documents (quotes)
How to apply:
You get to present to a student committee!!!
After the presentation!!!
We will call you with the allocation decision
100% Oh Yea! You're totally funded

80% Club gets partial

0% Club pays 100%
If you are approved!
Purchases will be made through the Campus Event Funding
Meet with BJ about spending procedures
Fill out appropriate forms for spending allocation. (As shown in
previous slide).


Student Activity Resources
MSU Denver
Balloons (50 per semester)
200 Black and White Copies
Buttons (50 per semester)
Snow Cone Machine
Basic Office Supplies
Conference Room
Tivoli Atrium L.E.D Board
The weekly Blorg
Digital Sign
Fall workshops
These workshops count for points for the incentive program
The Incentive Program
The list of qualifying activities
"Other activities"
Incentive program reward form (within 2 weeks)
Incentive Levels
Platinum AKA Big Money!
Pg. 16
PG. 20
PG. 3
PG. 3
Club Hub
Campus Approve CAtering
Space and facilities rental
Campus Policies
Fundraising Opportunities
P.E Building
L.E.D Board
PG. 7
Office of Student Media
FREE online classifieds at:
The Metropolitan
1 Free Advertisment
KMET Internet Radio
Free radio acknowledgment
The Metrosphere
The Met Report
Student Government Assembly
Constitution Drafting and Revision Help
Graphic Design
125 color copies
Canopy rental
PG. 6
Know the time, location, and description of your event.
Walk in or call the AHEC office to reserve space.
Review the confirmation e-mail and Have a great time!
First come first serve. There is a limited amount so apply early!
Recruiting and Promotional Funding
Step Three
Print 3 Copies

Pg. 34
Take the copies and cash or check to the Cashier’s Office in the Student Success Building.
The Cashier will
keep one copy, you will keep one copy, and one copy is brought to the
Office of Student Activities
(Tiv 305)
Now that we've learned how to deposit the money, lets
spend it!
Fill out the Check Payment Form
After Spending
You can set up a standing SPO if you plan to use a vendor multiple times!
To do this, you must have the money in your account when you set up the standing SPO
This allows officers the option to spend personal cash on organization purchases and be reimbursed.

NOTE: You may only be reimbursed up to $100 a week in cash.
Anything over $100 can be reimbursed by using a check payment form

Petty Cash Reimbursement
Items must be purchased from Halo Branding, the bookstore or Office Depot.
Signage and clothing are exempt
Year 1 Orgs $250 per semester
Year 2+Orgs $500 per semester
Covered Not covered
Clothing Items
Table Skirts
Print & Web Ads
Water Bottles/Coffee Mugs
Fanny Packs
Custom Suspenders
Daily Operations Expenses
Promoting Candidates/Issues
Student Travel Expenses
Salaries for members/officers
How do you apply?
How to Apply:

Meet with BJ or Elizabeth

Fill out the proposal on Orgsync (in the "forms" section)

Be sure to upload all supporting documents! (quotes)
Allocations Decisions
P.S There are no presentations
We will call you with your allocation decision
100% Yay!!! You're totally funded
80% Club pays 20%
0% Club pays 100%
If you are approved
Purchases will be made through the recruiting and promotional fund

Meet with BJ about spending procedures

Fill out the expense authorization form
Dave Bourassa
Assistant Director
B.J Layman
Mari Burgos
Elizabeth Fischer

Student Org Specialist
Student Org Operations Coordinator
Good things to know:

Fronting for an outside organization is prohibited.
If sponsoring for an outside organization you must have members of your org present.
AHEC Workshop September 25
Fundraising Workshop October 23
Marketing and Promotion Workshop November 19
All student organizations must submit a fundraising request form 5 days prior to the event via OrgSync
The form must be submitted for both off and on campus events
Provide the date, location, and a brief description of the fundraiser on the form.
Once the form has been submitted it will be reviewed and you will be notified of the decision via OrgSync.
You must not request for money in exchange for items. A donation box is suggested.
Student Org Accountant
All forms and documentation
are housed on OrgSync.
Aurelia Noupokou
When selling anything, you must collect sales tax
Student Org Coordinator
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