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BMX tricks

it just BMX tricks

graidon robinson

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of BMX tricks

BMX the super man can can bar spin tail whip no foot can tricks funky chicken pogo tuck no hander The bar spin is where you get some air and spin the handle bars backwards. The tail whip is where you get some air and do a bars spin then you jump in front of your bike like your one part of the handle bars. The pogo is a trick where you just lift your front wheel up with your leg on the back pegs and your bike will look like a pogo and when your do that you can hop your way to knowing
tricks. The can can is where you get some air and put one leg over your handle bars. The bar spin is where you get some air and spin the handle bars backwards. The super man is where you get some air and only have your hands on the bike and your feet and legs go in the air like superman flying with a bike. The tuck no hander is where you lift your front wheel and you keep pedaling (if you want to) and expand your arm like your getting search. the no foot can is where you do a can can but instead of one foot up you put two up. the funky chicken is where you up your feet on the front pegs and if and hold your seat (you do not have to if your crazy). for more tricks and those ones go to http://www.bmxtricksnow.com/ by Graidon Robinson elder scrolls 4 Skyrim
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