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Travel to the Atmosphere

Travel to the atmosphere thats it (:

Cassie Bunkers

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Travel to the Atmosphere

The atmosphere! The Troposphere!
The Troposphere is the first layer above the surface. Weather occurs in this layer. We are going to the troposphere first! The Depth of the troposphere varies from 16km above the equator to 9km above the north and south poles. As the altitude increases the temperature decreases. At the top of the troposphere the temperature stops decreasing and stays at about -60 celsius Some of the weather that happens in the troposphere is destructive. Next stop Is the stratosphere! The stratosphere is where the ozone layer is located. The stratosphere is about 50km above earth's surface The lower startosphere is about -60 celsuis. The upper stratosphere is warmer than the lower stratosphere. The reason is because it contains a layer of air that contains much more ozone than the rest of the atmosphere! Without the ozone layer we would die because of the ultraviolet radiation from the sun! The Mesosphere is our next stop! A drop in temperature marks the beginning of the mesosphere. The mesosphere is the middle layer of the atmosphere! In the outer mesosphere the temperatures get to -90 celsuis! Brrrr!! The mesosphere is the layer that protects earth from being hit by most meteorids. Next stop is the Thermosphere! Near the top of the atmosphere the air is very thin. 80km above earths surface the air is only 0.001% as dense as sea level. The thermosphere has no definite outer limit, but blends gradually with outer space. The theremosphere gets very hot up to 1,800 celsuis! But you still won't feel warm in the thermosphere. The thermosphere is divided into two parts the inosphere begins about 80km above the surface to about 400km The inosphere is where northern lights occur! The other part of the thermosphere is called the exosphere! The exosphere extends from 400km to thousands of km The exosphere is where satellites orbit they send us radios waves here on earth. You will need to pack winter clothes for when we go through the mesosphere. And some sun screen for when we pass through the stratosphere! You must be 12 yrs and older. Only 20 people can fit aboard its first come first serve. We will be taking off right here in buffalo minnesota at the airport. I hope you can join us for the trip through the atmosphere! Created by Cassie Bunkers hr.2 The mesosphere begins at 50km above earths surface and ends at 80km
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