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From Paper to Pixels: Getting the BSO’s Performance History

No description

Sarah Funke Donovan

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of From Paper to Pixels: Getting the BSO’s Performance History

Tips for Digitization Projects
Outsource, outsource, outsource!
Work with vendors
Work with volunteers
Work with other departments

Impact & Conclusions
Project Background:
Meet HENRY and the Digital Collections
From Paper to Pixels: Getting the BSO’s Performance History and
Program Book Collection Online

Putting It Together: The Vendors
HENRY: available at archives.bso.org
Digital Collections: available at collections.bso.org
The link between...
Internet Archive: Scanned Bound Volumes of Program Books
Customized Installation of CONTENTdm
HENRY interface built by web developers
Lessons Learned
Know what you need
Be flexible - be willing to switch if vendors can't supply what you need
Be persistent, i.e., "gracious but tenacious"
Follow up
Reiterate what you want - as many times as it takes

Live Demo!
Dealing with diacritics and other metadata woes
Use added entries for composers and titles
Training users to start broad and narrow with filters
Codifying standards for work title entries

Arthur Nikisch, 1889-1893
Evolution of the BSO Program Book
Reference Requests in an Analog Archives
Pierre Monteux, 1919-1924
Georg Henschel and the BSO, 1882
Charles Munch, 1949-1962
Serge Koussevitzky, 1924-1949
talking with Samuel Barber
Andris Nelsons, 2014-
Philip Hale
BSO Program Annotator, 1901-1934
Other Factors to Consider
Don't digitize if you want to make your life easier
Do (maybe) digitize if you want to increase access
Program Book to Program "Leaflet" 1975-1976
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