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Extreme PD Makeover: Technology Edition

No description

Jessica Branch

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of Extreme PD Makeover: Technology Edition

PD Makeover:
Technology Edition
Where it all began......
a quick process to teach multiple technology tools and/or resources to a large group of people through a series of repeated
The Amazing Technology Race
a professional development that takes takes educators on a tour of technology tools through various challenges and obstacles
Sample Schedule
Best Practices
Have an opening session. Setting a purpose is essential to any professional development.


Keep each rotation to 10 minutes or less.

Provide a monitored hands-on time.

Give specific, grade-level or subject-specific examples to get ideas flowing.

Don't forget to leave time for transitions.

Provide a click sheet or handout.

Even adults like prizes.

Follow up.
Opening Session (15 minutes)
Give an overview of the day(s)
Explain what will happen during each session
Ensure everyone knows which group they belong to
Inspire and set a purpose (video)
Distribution of handbooks

Rotations (8-10 minutes each)
Introduce tool - what does it do (1 minute)
How to use tool - show main features & how to start an account, if needed (2-3 minutes)
How to integrate it - give specific examples of how to use the tool (2 minutes)
Show examples, if appropriate (1-2 minutes)
Participant inquiries & share - quick Q & A, allow participants to share their ideas of how to use it in the classroom (2 minutes)

Closing Session (30-45 minutes)
Give teachers and staff time set up accounts, play with the tools, etc.
Getting Started
"The Rules"
Best Practices
Reinforce the purpose of being in a group.

Challenges (with support) naturally invigorate any task.

Have a set way for groups to get extra assistance if needed.

As the race progresses, keep track of where each group is in the process with the clues.

Share, share, share!

Provide a click sheet or handouts after the game is completed.

Involve the administrators in the race and prizes.
multiple websites
exposure to existing resources
introducing new tools
Tech Available:
4 clues, 1 road block, 1 detour
30-50 teachers, Groups of 4
internet, webcams, digital cameras, personal cell phones
on elementary campuses
20-30 minutes per clue, 30 minutes to review all projects at the end of the race
Making Groups
Clue #1
Clue #2
Detour &
Road Block
Clue #3
Clue #4
Terrific Teacher Technology BINGO
a self-paced motivation tool for educators to track the use of new resources in their classroom
Sample BINGO board
Best Practices
Use both new & old tools

Advertise and remind throughout the time period.

Share student examples; create a brag board

Have an incentive/prize!
jeans days
candy or snack
small tech tools

Use as needed to give that little extra motivation

Provide support
QR Scavenger Hunt
a unique way to incorporate QR codes into a scavenger hunt for questions, tools, and resources for your teachers
QR Hunt Example
Best Practices
Begin with everyone together to establish goals, expectations, and how to get support.

Provide participants a way to contact for help.

Use resources that teachers are familiar with or have seen in use.

Provide technology devices needed for task at the location.

Have a few extra QR capable devices in case a team is in need of one.

A showcase at the end is IMPORTANT to share ideas!
Questions? Comments?
Angelyn Cheatham
QR Clues:
Tech Available:
30-50 teachers, Grade Level
internet, webcams, digital cameras, personal cell phones
clues posted around each
15-20 minutes per QR clue, 30 minutes to review and share all ideas at the end
Jessica Branch
QR Clue:
Form a team of presenters (1 per tool)

Choose 5+ tech tools/resources to share

Presenters should become "experts" on the tool

Create a handbook

Plan an opening & closing session

Divide attendees into like groups

Choose dates & times close together, if split times are necessary

Other things to consider...
prizes, goodies, etc.
do your campus computers support the software needed
event reminders
follow up
Choose 25 (or 24 with a Free space) resources or ways to integrate technology in the classroom

Create a Bingo card for each teacher. Various cards aren't necessary for this "game."

Print off cards on a durable material

Set a time frame

Choose/arrange incentives.

Set rules.

have each row cover a level of Blooms
each row could involve a different subject
mix in new & old tools
Include end date
Complete by __ /__ /__
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