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Hygiene and cleaning in a hospitality kitchen operations env

No description

Issey White

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Hygiene and cleaning in a hospitality kitchen operations env

Personal Hygiene
Three risks or potential hazards related to the unhygienic practices that may affect health and safety of customers, colleagues and self
Customers - unsatisfied with or put off their meal by unkempt or dirty looking staff
Colleagues - viruses or diseases that can be spread by uncleanliness
Self - May become easily suseptible to diseases ie cold/flu
State one legislation/law related to the unhygienin practices and explain the implications for the enterprise and/or workers.
The food act make sure that resturants are taking the necessary precautions to keep their food clean. If they find that a resturant is failing to do so, after they've been warned, the business may be temporarily, or permanently closed down.
Excluding hand washing, outline three hygienic practices that should be followed in a hospitality kitchen operations environment explaining how it benefits both the establishment and the workers.
Wash food - Fruits and vegetables particularly have to be washed before they are used to get rid of excess dirt.
Keep work stations clean - a clean work station is an effective work station and will also be less of a contamination risk to food being prepared.
Coloured boards - Having different coloured chopping boards for different foodstuffs will prevent cross-contamination.
Three unhygienic practices - typical breaches of enterprise standards for hygienic practices
Not showering regularly
Not having a clean uniform
Not washing hands after going to the bathroom/smoking/handling raw meats like red meat, fish and especially chicken
personal Hygiene in a hospitality kitchen operations environment -Part A
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