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I'm thankful for...

No description

Jocelyn Fuentes

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of I'm thankful for...

I'm thankful for...
Even though things aren't always fair in my life, I'm very happy with it. I can be selfish and ungrateful sometimes, but I know in the end some people may have it worse and i couldn't ask for a better life.
My Dad
My life
My sister
I can trust my sister with anything. She's funny, weird, and is their to listen when I'm sad- most of the time.
Art and music have gotten me threw some hard times. With art I draw what i feel and with music I listen to the lyrics to make me feel better.
My dad is easy going and fun to talk to. He has a lot of experience and wisdom in life so I know who I can go to I for help. He is also very understanding and that's why I love him.
My Friends
It doesn't matter how many friends I have, but I'm happy to have them in my life and love them all individually.
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