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Cruise Ship Cell

No description

eric larson

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of Cruise Ship Cell

Plant Cell as a Cruise Ship
By: Bharat Maddukuri, Eric Larson, and Quinn Richards
The Nucleus, Nuclear Envelope:
The walls around the bridge would be the Nucleus and doors to the Bridge would be the nuclear envolope.
The walls around the Bridge of a Cruise ship would act as the nucleus because inside is where the captain steers the cruise ship, and controls the activity of the ship like the nucleus.

The doors to the ship would be the
Nuclear Envelope because they allow thing to pass throughout the bridge just like they do to the nucleus

Nucleolus: The Captain Chromosomes: The paper/computers on the ship
The Captain would be the Nucleolus
Because he gives the crew and the ship information just like the Nucleolus
The computers in the bridge tells
everyone what to do just like the
chromosomes do for the cell.
Cell Membrane: Guards on the Ship
The cell membrane of a cruise ship would be
the Guards on the Ship because they are what
allow people to pass through into the ship
Cell Wall: The Hull
The hull of a cruise ship would act as the Cell Wall because it is what protects the Ship
Mitochondrion: The Engine Room
The Mitochondria of a cruise ship would be the engine room because it is the powerhouse of the ship. Without the engines in it, the ship wouldn’t move.
Microtubules: Railings surrounding the ship
The microtubules would the hallway
because they allow things to move
throughout the ship just like the
Chloroplast: Solar Panels
The solar panels of a cruise ship would be like the chloroplast because solar panelstake sunlight and
convert it into energy just like the chloroplast in
a plant cell

Smooth ER: Exhaust System of the Ship
The Smooth ER would be the smoke stacks or exhaust because it detoxifies the ship just like the smooth ER does to the cell.
Golgi Apparatus: Shipping stations
The Golgi Apparatus would be the on board post office or shipping stations that ship things throughout the ship.

Vacuole: Storage Area
The storage room would be like the vacuoles of a plant cell because they both can be used for fast storage, and can be accessed easily
The Ribosomes of a cruise ship would be the cooks because they create things for the ship to consume just like the ribosomes do to the cell.
Microfilaments: Bulk Head of the ship
Rough ER: Waiters on the Ship
The Rough ER is like the waiters on the cruise ship because it transports the proteins made from the ribosomes (kitchens) to where they are needed, which would be the hungry/happy people on the cruise.

Cytoplasm: Structural parts of ship
The Cytoplasm in the ship is the air because it keeps the ship in a fixed position like the cytoplasm in a plant cell and keeps it from sinking.
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