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Test Taking Strategies

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on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Test Taking Strategies

Chapter 9:
Test Taking Strategies

Things I Should Have Done
Before the Test
Things to Do
Survey the test
-Review the length of the test
-Determine how much each question is worth
- Plan your test strategy to complete your test on time
Mind Dump
Immediately write down:
-Specific dates
-Names you are afraid to forget.
Two-Pass Method.

-First Pass
- Work straight through the test. When you come to a question you don't know, mark it.
-Second Pass
- Go through the test again and do the questions you marked.
Read Directions Carefully
-Know the task before you write in any answers
-Don't give away points because you didn't read!
Other Tactics
Be mindful of time
-Clearly write and mark your answers
-Check over your test before you submit it, never leave questions blank!
-Clearly write and mark your answers
During The Test
Get Rid of Test Anxiety
-Create short term SMART goal
-Stay away from negative people
Clarify Your Testing Method
Is the test:
-multiple choice
-short answer
-time period
Cheat Sheet
Write forgettable:
-final reminders
Don't Be Late
-leave ahead of time
-avoid stress
Avoid Last Minuets Panics
-have all materials!
Set the Mood
-create positive statements ex:
"I will do great!
I will get an A!
I will not stress!
I will do great!
After the Test
-Reward yourself
-Learn from your mistakes
-Don't miss the day your test is returned
-Examine how your studies helped.

Donnell Wilkerson
Jasmine Luster
Caleb Shuffler
Kalushus Kelly
Edgar Janica

Work Cited Page
-McCutchen, Gabby, and Erin Riney. "9 Test-Taking Strategies." Success by Design. U.S.: Gabby McCutchen and Erin Riney, 2012. 159-76. Print.
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