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Elements and Principles of Design Prezi Project Rubric

No description

Danny Arrieta

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Elements and Principles of Design Prezi Project Rubric

Principles of design Elements and Principles of design
Danny Arrieta
Mrs. Martinez
Mrs. Martinez
9/13/2012 Unity Work Cited This does have contrast for it has an opposing elements . Such as the color rods against the shadow of the women. Or even the two figures behind the lights. Contrast Balance This has balance for it has an object bigger than the one on the right. The small rock helps it to keep the larger object in balance. In terms of art the darker the shape is the heavier the object appears. http://www.johnlovett.com/test.htm This picture shows unity in many ways. Such as the hands grasp for each other and make a square. In this picture it represents a unity with each other. In a artistic view all the colors seem to match up to give it a sense of unity. Pattern This has pattern by showing the sequence of colors and the same shape outline. Gradation This shows gradation because it makes the eye follow the dark and stop at the light. This shows the the light is the last stop or depending on how you see it, it could also be the dark. Dominance This shows that it has Dominance because this shows the point of view is the blue eye which catch the eye of the viewer. Harmony Harmony is playing a big role here as the the tree is splet up in to two sides. The colors match to one another. Also the shape of the tree gives it's similarities. In a addition to that the very center it makes a heart. Elements of Design Line This shows a line because... well because it has a straight path and has to ends. Also how it gives its position. Color By looking at this you could tell this defiantly has color. With its array of color and texture this makes it a great example. Without color the world would be pretty dull. This a great example of value. With its shading and lightly texture. P.s. go lions. Value Texture By looking at this it might give an idea how it might feel. Such as the wrinkles can be rough or smooth depending what it is. Or maybe it gives you an idea of a leathery texture. Shape This basically the sum of all shapes. It gives you the basics as the flat faces as well as the pointed edges. This one is pretty cool example of direction. By how all the planes sink into one to go a direction. Size In this one it shows how the seagull is taking the most space by its size. D Direction Form Gives us pretty much all 3D figures and shapes.
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