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How To: Write Personal Narratives

Welcome to a "How To" prezzi on writing rich personal narratives. Students and teachers can use this prezzi to teach, review, or learn what can be added to a personal narrative story. Start the prezzi today and tomorrow you will be a great writer!

Emily Zogas

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of How To: Write Personal Narratives

Lets Get Specific! Zoom in on the most important part of your writing. Sequence the order of events on your fingers. Elaboration Tell internal story by including your thoughts, feelings, and responses to what is happening. Begin with Strong Leads Strong leads will grab the attention of your readers. Closing of Personal Narrative Whole story reminders. Great Writers Add... Writing
Personal Narratives Focus on exact details and specific words. Try and avoid general sentences. Dialogue between two or more people. Actions Adjectives Onomatopoeia 5 Senses Different type of leads can be: Actions of the character. Setting of the event. Descriptions Dialogue between two of more people. Character thoughts. One last image you want your reader to have. Close your eyes, make a movie in your mind. Story tell your events by writing them step-by-step. Story Tell Your Events Revise for Meaning 1. Reread your story. 2. Reread your story to a friend. 3. Read your story through a strangers eyes. What parts are confusing? Does my story follow a sequence of events? Does my story make sense? Can I take out parts that do not matter?
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