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by 123

Cheetah Tran

on 20 February 2016

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Transcript of Timeline

Cheetah Tran
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Mr.Cheetah Tran
Table of Contents
How It All Began..
Fresh Start
Catastrophic Incident
Is It Already Over?
Timeline Of
This timeline will display a personal chronological overview of past events that had happened throughout my life so far.
Timeline Of Cheetah Tran
How it all Began...
It all started when a I was born in Windsor, Ontario, on December 25th, 1997. Unusual birthday right? I Celebrate Christmas and my birthday together so I get twice the amount of presents!! That's always something to look forward to, but that's not the only weird thing. My name's Cheetah! I think "Cheetah" is really unique and I'm sure no one else has the same name.
This is me!
Hi there!
My Parents
I Don't remember much but I do know that I started elementary school in 2002. It was really tough being one of the few asians in a private school dominated by caucasians. It was my mother's idea that I would be safer if I was attending a private school. It was really hard coming from a foreign country.
My Elementary School
I didn't know much English, so it was tough in my early years.
My life changed when my brother was born. He received all the attention. My parents couldn't take care of me while they were at the hospital so I spent my days with my uncle for a while. It was excruciatingly boring. I even remember just sitting there doing nothing for the longest time.
Finally it was over and I could return home and meet my new brother. We've been together ever since, living with each other and sleeping in the same room.
Little Brother
All of a sudden, my father tells me something's waiting for me in my room. I run up the stairs slam open the door and stumble upon a brand new bicycle! Everyday for the next several weeks I'm cruising around my neighborhood on this brand new bike getting better each day.
I just love the wind blowing past my face and the speed. My dad even complimented how fast I was going. Even today, I still go out and ride bikes.
practices to better enhance my chess playing. It's a game of math if you think about it. After a month, we went up against various schools in a tournament. In the end, I received a bronze metal for all my hard work! I barely lose at chess now with all my strategies and chess knowledge, I'm unbeatable.
Hooray!! In 2005 I tried out for the chess team and managed to get in. Three times a week I would attend chess team
I also tried out for the badminton team and miraculously made the cut. Whoa! Having all these extra curricular activities sure is a handful. Anyways, badminton was extremely fun. I'd always be quick on my feet, faster than most people.
I was put in mixed doubles; my partner was a girl and we sure had plenty of laughs! We didn't win any medals but that's alright; having fun is what really matters.
I came home one day to discover my parents have gotten our family a brand new dog. He's a golden retriever that we all care for very much.
His name's Felix. It's usually just me taking care of him. My parents say he's my responsibility and I guess that's true. I feed Felix, bathe him, bring him for walks, and clean up after him. Everybody compliments our family since Felix is just too cool looking.
Fresh Start
After finally graduating elementary school, my family and I moved across the country from Ontario to British Colombia. I left everything I knew behind. I've made plenty of good friends and adapted to living here and it's different education system. I'm in high school now too! All these big changes are tough and hard but I eventually got through. I don't keep in touch with my old friends anymore. It's like a fresh start, my whole life changed.
My application for a 3 week summer sailing course I filled out was accepted. On the summer of 2011, I left home to Comox, Vancouver Island for nearly a month. It was the first real time that I spent without my family. They weren't there to encourage or help me. I felt independent for the first time of my life. I also made friends too and became one of the top sailors in my class.
Catastrophic Incident
Let me just tell you an embarrassing story. My friend and I loved lighting firecrackers. The stunning lights and loud sounds were just too fun. Then one day, we were strolling around the park when we miraculously stumbled upon a pile of dog poop. Well, being extremely bored and having nothing to do we wanted to see what would happen if we blew up a fire cracker in it. My friend gently inserted it so that only the tip was sticking out.
Then next thing we knew, BANG! It blew up unexpectedly and well.. I looked over to my friend and saw that we were both covered with tiny perfectly formed flecks of poop. That was the day I stopped playing with firecrackers.
Warning: This will be very long and boring I advise you to be prepared.
Thank-You for your time hopefully
This is the end of my timeline
Is It Already Over?
enjoying this wonderful Prezi
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