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Apple iPhone Marketing Mix

This Prezi covers the seven P's of the marketing mix for the Apple iPhone

Jacob Wood

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Apple iPhone Marketing Mix

Apple's iPhone Marketing Mix

7 P's Physical Evidence Marketing Mix - Apple Inc
Review and Recommendations Lack of information is made accessible to the public causing speculation and anticipation
Most user reviews are displayed on external websites which Apple doesn't have control over. Processes Both in-store and online delivery options are available to customers.
During release, shipping of the iPhone can be slow.
Apple makes it easy for customers to file complaints if necessary, through phone, email or face-to-face.
They offer both repair services, warranty and buy-backs.
In the Apple store, tutorials for customers with a lack of knowledge of device and its capabilities are readily available. Place Apple has a strong presence with its first party stores.
They offer opportunities for customers to test products.
The retail stores are large, open, well-lit areas with many helpful staff. Promotion Apple uses a variety of old and new media techniques to promote the iPhone. These include: Television ads, newspapers, online advertisements and pre-roles.
They encourage user testing in retail stores. Product The iPhone is one of the highest rated products on the market.
Apple strives to achieve superior ease of use, seamless integration and innovative design.

Features include:
Touch screen
Internet connectivity
GPS navigation
HD video and photos
Retina display
Price The price of the Apple iPhone is between $650-$950.
It is one of the most expensive mobile phones on the market.
Apple aims to maintain the image of a prestige product. People Executives and CEO's are promoted as the face of the product.
Apple has effective technical support teams
Often they have over staffed shop floors to ensure every customer has a personal staff member appointed to them.
Apple promotes an engaging, but relaxed and fun culture for its employees and customers Recommendations
Focus on improving software for all current versions.
Improving hardware rigidity, particularly the glass screen.
Recommendations Apple should maintain their current price for the iPhone.
They should consider releasing a cheaper phone from a sister company. Recommendation Stores can feel clinical and turn potential customers off. It's recommended that they provide a warmer, more comfortable buying experience. Recommendation Apple does not do much for promotional offers.
They should encourage customers to buy from their first-party stores by matching promotional offers. Recommendations It is recommended that Apple finds a personality that is able to capture media attention and be an absolute face of the company, like Jobs once did. Recommendations It is recommended that Apple uses previous sales data to predict shipping requirements and;
provide shipping tracker for online purchases.
Recommendations It is recommended that Apple offers an exclusive information to 'tech' websites and journals.
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