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Framing Talent

No description

Morgan Woods

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of Framing Talent


Target Market
Low Income



Framing Talent
Free on-sight action shots

Photos offered from $25 to $75, and posters for $250

Benefit concert and auction

Calendar with photos of DASH students; 20 photos voted on at $1 per vote online or in studios, 12 most popular win
Key Objetives
Raise awareness, interest, and funds

Jan-Dec. 2014

1 purchase for every 20 students photographed

1 in 10 donors will make a purchase from Ed Beck

Raise $10,000 for Dash
Key Message
Promote the DASH Center for the Arts through capturing the talents of the students with professional artistic photography and to create new clientele for Ed Beck Photography.
Dash Center For the Arts
Morgan Woods
Neal Cabanos
Melanie Hering
Founded 2003

Underprivileged Youth

Tacoma, WA

Candi Hall

Athletics vs. Arts
How do we measure
the campaign?
DASH's newsletter
Future Recitals

Partnering with DASH to do future phtogrpahy
Ed BEck Photography
Ed BEck Photography edbeckphotography.com (253)256-3157
How many people vote on pictures for the calendar?

Website Traffic

Website Contact form Survey

How did you hear of Mr. Beck?
Social media
Direct mail
Newspaper Ads
Event Invitations/Flyers
January 2014: Approach DASH
February: Plan venue and details of auction
Photo shoot; set up booth in DASH and sell photos
June: Benefit concert and auction
September: open pole for calendar photos; close pole at end of month
October: produce calendar
November - December: sell calendars/give calendars to donors
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