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Fallacy of Relevance-Appeal to the people: indirect

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Jory Banda

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Fallacy of Relevance-Appeal to the people: indirect

When the arguer aims his or her appeal not at the crowd as a whole but at one or more individuals separately, focusing on some aspect of their relationship to the crowd. This appeal includes specific forms such as the bandwagon argument, appeal to vanity, and appeal to snobbery.
Related appeals
Bandwagon argument- this occurs whenever the speaker implies to the listener(s) that they will be left out or left behind if they do not agree with the speaker.

appeal to vanity- this occurs whenever the speaker associates the conclusion with some desirable person or feature.
appeal to snobbery- this occurs whenever the speaker associates the conclusion with being in an elite class, or a lucky member of a select few.

"Really? You don't own an iphone? But EVERYONE owns an iphone." (Bandwagon argument)

"You should buy a Ferrari. That's what Tom Cruise drives." (appeal to vanity)

"You should accept the offer at the summer internship. How many people actually get accepted into that program? SO many apply, and only few get in."
Fallacy of Relevance: Appeal to the people- indirect
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