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HSC Overview

Introduction to the Housing Services Corporation

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Transcript of HSC Overview

Our Focus
HSC is committed to ensuring that Ontario residents have access to safe and affordable housing that improves their quality of life.

We support this by focusing on the long-term health and sustainability of Ontario’s social housing asset.

Chief Financial Officer
SHSC Financial
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Executive Officer
The Housing Services Act & HSC:
Improve the quality of life of residents
Improve the long-term
sustainability of
the physical assets
Improve the sustainability of housing providers
Improving resident comfort, building efficiency and reducing utility costs.
Protecting the financial well-being of housing providers and residents from risk events.
Supporting decision-making to maximize housing investments and ensure the sustainability of housing stock.
Enabling housing providers to improve service levels and maximize resources
Addressing challenges by leveraging partnerships
How We Help: Our Areas
of Focus
Our Organization
Energy Services
Information Technology
Training and Education
Governance, Corporate Services & Project Management
Data Analysis &
Asset Support
Marketing & Communications

Account Managers
Office Management/
Executive Assistant
Technical Services
Insurance & Risk Management
SoHo Insurance
HSC Board of Directors
Sustain and preserve the asset to improve quality of life
Legislated Objects Under the Housing Services Act:
HSC's focus on the building asset is driven by its legislated mandate under the
Housing Services Act
. It also builds on our core programs and areas of in-house expertise.

We utilize our mandated revenue generating activities as a means of supporting non-revenue activities that build sector capacity and lead to positive outcomes.
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