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Student Persistence and Success in Online Classes: A Case Study

Presented at Joint Commission Conference of AFC on May 11, 2012

Dr. Stephanie Arsht

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Student Persistence and Success in Online Classes: A Case Study

Student Persistence and Success in Online Classes: A Case Study
Presented at the Joint Commission Conference
Association of Florida Colleges
Tallahassee, Florida
May 11, 2012 Dr. Stephanie Arsht, eLearning Student Success Specialist
arshts@palmbeachstate.edu Findings & Challenges Introduction 832% increase in enrollments nationally
Enrollments expected to continue to rise
Retention in Distance Education: A national problem
Recent research articles discuss retention issues
Fully online/hybrids, community colleges have special issues
Students in online classes more likely to fail or withdraw
Palm Beach State College is on trend Source: U.S. News and World Report, September 22, 2010 eLearning Course Offerings And Growing!!! Source: Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, 2010-2011 eLearning Enrollments Source: Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, 2010-2011 Why Do Students Fail or Withdraw? Technology (Skills or Equipment)
No login
Time management
Realize they need a traditional classroom
Too rigorous online
Overwhelmed by work, family, life Source: Palm Beach State College Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness Withdrawal Survey, Fall 2010 Pilot Project: ELO1000
eLearning Student Orientation Free
Zero Credit
Approximately 2 hours of work Expectations
Time Management
Hands-on Bb Student Participation Students Said: Pilot Project: Starfish Early Alert Outcomes & Challenges What’s Next Through this eLearning course I became familiar and comfortable with blackboard. This is my first online course and I am glad you offered this orientation. I recommend it for all online course beginners. Considering that I knew absolutely nothing about taking an online course, this course was very beneficial. The orientation has really helped me to understand how I get my lessons, take tests, participate is "class" and communicate with other students and the teacher. It also showed me great tips to keep myself active with my online class. Like rewarding myself for studing. The benefits of taking this orientation were being able to get used to the testing format and using the discussion board. Now I know what to expect from my online learning and I know what is being expected from me. I know PBSC policie about cheating and I find this information to be important for me. I was also given some nice advices about how to organize my time and my place for studying. I feel it should be required and available to students before registering for the course. This was a nice stress free way to learn my way around Blackboard. Very beneficial for a first time, online student. Optional Technical Issues Popularity Mandatory To be continued... Early alert system Fully online classes System flags
Poor grades Student Notification Data mining Login habits Online Gradebook Exploring Other Options Student Outreach Track orientation completers Student focus groups Virtual Open House Management of Process Student Recruitment How can we screen new online students? Pilot-Measure-Apply Faculty Recognition Timeliness IT/SIS Increase Collaboration
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