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LSD: Drug Health Assignement, Marshall GymA

Charlotte Smith health assignement

Charlotte Smith

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of LSD: Drug Health Assignement, Marshall GymA

LSD By Charlotte Smith, Grade 9, Marshall GymA LSD is a very strong drug that falls into the Hallucinogen Category of drugs. This means that like all hallucinogens, this drug produces a state of consciousness that is very much like a dream. LSD is an abbreviation that stands for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide. This is where it's popular street name 'Acid' comes from. Some other popular street names for LSD are 'blotters', 'dots' and 'window pane'. This hallucinogen is created from a fungus that is common to grow on grains such as wheat and rye. It is very strong, and once Diethylamide is added to it, it becomes pure LSD. Pure LSD looks like a white powder. The effects of LSD are very extreme. They cause extreme hallucinations. Many people refer to these hallucinations as 'Trips'. This is because when LSD is ingested, the effects completely take over your senses. You see things much differently, most often you are in a magical world or place, where all of your senses have become much clearer. Here are some Short Term Effects of LSD:

- Distortions
- VERY Extreme Mood Swings
- Increased heart rate
- Loss of appetite
- Chills
- Nausea
- Affects Coordination Thought those were bad? Take a look at the long-term effects of LSD:

- Paranoia
- Depression
- Various psychological disorders
- 'Flashbacks'
(These flashbacks are those of previous LSD 'trips'. They can happen any time, anywhere after just one LSD trip. These flashbacks can occur for one's entire life) LSD does not cause any physical addiction, and is relatively cheap. This is why it is so popular among younger drug users. Unfortunately, it does cause a psychological dependance, as users are brought to believe they need this drug to take them out of day-to-day life. You can avoid LSD and any type of drugs by staying away from people you know who might pressure you into doing them. If that is a very hard thing to do, you can find ways to say no. Tell the person who is pressuring you into doing them that drugs are very stupid, and you don't want to be caught doing them. Drugs can ruin your life. To find more information on drugs, and how to say no, visit:
http://www.nationalantidrugstrategy.gc.ca/prevention/youth-jeunes/index.html Bibliography:

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