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Cranston Nissan

No description

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Cranston Nissan

Overall Recommendations
Customer Surveys

Service manager should have kept communication channels open

Vehicle priority throughout

Car should have been checked before releasing to customer
Possibly a two person check-out

Performance reviews of mechanics and managers

Case Background
Steve Jackson, GM, received a letter from an upset customer

Repair for rust damage on car, 3-4 day estimate

5 days later rust is fixed by body shop but mechanical failures now present

Problems multiplied at each visit

Dealt with multiple managers and representatives
Management Problems & Solutions
Check-In & Check-Out

Proper Department
Managers transfer responsibility

Inventory Management
Order same day

Internal & External

Case Questions
1. Quality problems (TQM involved)
Employee commitment

2. Probable causes of mishaps
Multiple checkpoints not in effect
Job satisfaction
Poor communication

3. Specific action GM Jackson should take
Find a solution with customer
Evaluate communication barriers and employee expertise
Company wide meetings and new policies

Operations -Tools For Success
Service blueprint (flow chart)
Activities mapped out from Start to Finish
Different activity levels present

Better training for expert diagnostics
Joint inspection before vehicle release
Keep the customer informed, contact them
Missing Information
Individual staff reports
Diagnostic reports
Repair orders
Work done

Staff expertise
Correct individuals assigned to repair?

Obtaining Needed Information:
Staff interviews, reports
Daily log books of staff
Customer surveys
Cranston Nissan
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