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The Road to WWII

No description

Jillian Guerrette

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of The Road to WWII

Adolf Hitler - Germany
1919 - joins Nazi Party
1930s - Germany in economic depression
great public speaker and gains many followers
unite all Germans under 1 great empire
National expansion - needed more land
racial purity - "master race" (Holocaust)
becomes Chancellor in 1933
Creates the "Third Reich"
Benito Mussolini - Italy
1920s - Italy in economic depression, major unemployment, feared communism
1922 - seized power through a coup
strong public speaker and quickly gained followers
Fascism - strong nationalism and militarism
interest of the state above interest of individual
make Italy a world power

Joseph Stalin - Soviet Union
1924 - Stalin gets rid of all opposition and gains control of government
Communism - government owns and runs everything (no private businesses)
strict control over citizens who have no civil rights
transform Russia from rural to industrial
Secret Police - killed estimated 20+ million people (anyone who might get in Stalin/governments way & famine)
Hideki Tojo - Japan
Military leader
strong nationalism
expansion - for growing population
1931 - led successful invasion of Manchuria which put him in control of government
Got rid of all opposition
The Road to WWII
Rise of the Dictators

Choose 1 Dictator (Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Tojo) and begin to embody them. Imagine that they had a twitter account during their rise to power. Write 1 tweet that the dictator may have tweeted.
140 characters or less
Think about what he would have said to gain followers, when he became the leader, what he believed, who he didn't like, etc.
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