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Illnesses and Treatment during the Civil War

No description

Emily Schwartz

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Illnesses and Treatment during the Civil War

Illnesses and Treatment during the Civil War Illnesses Diarrhea and Dysentary Malaria Cholera Gonnorhea Measles Mumps Tuberculosis Yellow Fever Smallpox Scurvy Typhoid Fever Hospital Gangrene Pheumonia Chicken Pox Infection Septicemia Erysipelas Lockjaw Emily Schwartz Malaria
- "Marsh Miasm"
- Resulted from "miasmic vapors" arising from stagnant waters
- Anopheles mosquito
- Mosquito nets
- Treatment: Quinine, Whiskey, Bark of dogwood, poplar and willow, Cod-liver Oil, Cinnamon, Syrup of wild cherry Diarrhea and Dysentary
- "The Quickstep" or "Flux"
- Caused by consumption of contaminated food and water
- Resulted in contaminated water
- Treatment: "Blue Powder", Opium, Morphine, Quinine Typhoid Fever
- "Camp Fever"
- Salmonella tyhpi
- Caused by consumption of contaminated food and water
- Treatment: "Blue Powder", Opium, Morphine, Quinine Bibliography
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