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Emily Sullivan

on 30 November 2014

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Transcript of Nutrition

What is killing 70 million people each year? Our diet. In America we have a growing problem. And it seems to be our waist lines that are growing. To be classified as obese, one must weigh at least thirty-five pounds over their ideal weight (Finkelstein “High Obesity”). Professor John F. Banzhaf observes that the sudden epidemic of obesity cannot be blamed solely on eating at home or at the neighborhood restaurant because we have been eating there for hundreds of years; something is different (Super). Many lobbyists encourage their product (which they are paid to do) stating that the consumer has the choice to say 'no' and they can always choose not to eat it. This is very true; people do not usually practice enough self discipline or will power, which is personal responsibility. But we should know what is added to the food we eat.
A serious lack of information keeps the public from taking action on their growing waistlines. A few people accused the companies of their weight problems and as a result Congress passed the “Cheeseburger law,” in March 2004, which made it illegal for the public to prosecution of food companies for making them obese (Super). Between 1998 and 2006 the total number of people who were obese increased by 37 percent resulting in a population that classified over two thirds of adults in America, and more than two- thirds of adolescents as either overweight or obese (Oz). Out of the many causes of obesity, our nation’s food quality may be the most problematic.
A growing problem
How it all
The American Supermarket
Portion size
The meat
Powerful companies
The Drive- In
In the nineteen twenties, America started to move toward an industrial way of life. People moved toward large factories instead of agricultural farming.
In the nineteen thirties, a new kind of restaurant was established. It was called the drive-in. It was a major hit, and and became increasingly popular due to it's speed, low cost and overall tasty food.
Unfortunately this new invention was not as great is it seemed. This was the start a small factories in the back of restaurants. Workers were all trained to perform one specific task. They would do that same task repeatedly.
This, plus the low pay, made them easy to train and easy to dispose of at the companies convince. Like today, the food was prepared and available at a much faster rate than it had ever been.
Factory kitchens
In the U.S.A., we have an over abundance of food. It is available anytime, anywhere.
The average American supermarket contains four thousand products.
Are the hundreds of products that say “fat free” really fat free?
No! Just those two small words (along with many others) are enormously misleading.
Yes, they may have taken out some ingredients but what was lost in taste and texture had to be compensated for.
As a result, the companies add more sugar, sodium and thickeners
Almost all of the product containers are crowded with labels that read;
“low sodium”
“hint of salt”
“no sugar added”.
According to Lisa Young, a nutritionist, the government describes a sensible portion of meat as the size of a deck of cards, but the size of meat in restaurants is usually three or four times that size.
This is similar to the typical bagel, which is equal to five slices of bread
When food companies first opened they had smaller sizes, in beverages, main meals, and french-fries.
Over time, the sizes have grown bigger, so now across the board the options are similar to “kiddie”, “small”, “medium”, “large”, and sometimes “super size”.
Cars have even introduced larger cup holders to make the huge cups of soda fit
Not only do we have an over abundance of food, but the average American household throws away almost four hundred dollars worth of food every month.
The proportions in restaurants are too big for one person anyway. Why not share an order or take leftovers for lunch?
Labels on food products often portray a quaint, country farm, with natural crops and happy animals. Things could not be further from the truth. Because there is hardly any communication between the company and its consumers, people often have no idea what they are eating.
While eating a chicken nugget, people do not take into consideration what had to happen for that chicken to get to the plate. Why would the companies go through such expense and trouble to keep us from knowing the truth? According to the movie Food Inc. ...
Chickens live in large coops and never see the sun. Supposedly a dark atmosphere relaxes the chickens so they are easier to catch.
Pictured in the video were about five long metal tubes with many places for the chicken to get the feed from.
The companies do not want to spend any more money than necessary, so they fill the chicken coop with as many birds as they can, making horrible living conditions.
To prevent sickness among the surplus of chickens, they are provided with feed that is loaded with antibiotics. This makes yet another problem for us.
Because of various growth hormones, the chickens grow to become twice their size, at twice the rate they should. Because of the sudden weight gain, the chicken has not developed the proper muscle to support themselves. As a result, they take a few steps and plop back down in exhaustion.
If we consume the poultry with overdoses of antibiotics we become immune to the needed antibiotics for certain illnesses.
'Eggs with legs' have become a popular saying. It means; eat chicken that are free to walk around in the sunshine before they make it to someone's dinner table. Eggs that come from large flocks tend to have more salmonella bacteria than eggs from smaller flocks, which are free range.
Not only does this happen with chicken, but also cattle.
Instead of eating grass like their stomachs were naturally designed to do, they are fed modified corn, chicken manure and even other deceased livestock.
There are so many in the same place; they cannot move freely and exercise.
The limited space and the horrific feed force the cattle to gain more weight than they should at one time.
That is not the worst part. The cattle literally wade in their own manure.
In some cases it splashes onto their faces and when they lean over to eat, the flecks of manure falls into the food, which after a while makes its way to us and we consume and digest it.
Unfortunately, the large companies have many things to hide; they intimidate people from speaking against the food. When some of the workers, were asked to comment on the food industry, they declined because of the threat of lawsuit or worse
Oprah Winfrey was sued by the Texas cattlemen for something negative she said on her T.V. show, and the loss of profit.
After six years, she won the lawsuit, but that is not always the case.
“They may sue even though they know they can't win, just to send a massage” (Food Inc.).
Over two thirds of adults in America, and more than two- thirds of adolescents are either overweight or obese; everyone must agree that something needs to be done.
Morgan Spurlock, the director if Super Size Me, points out that over thirty billion dollars is spent on dieting products each year, that vary from pills and drinks to losing weight while sleeping. Almost all of the ways to stay thin promise that exercising is not necessary
If someone believes that there is simply no way for them to go on a diet, or a weight management program, there is another alternative; gastric bypass surgery. This surgery reduces the stomach to the size of a small apple
We have always had sick care in our country. Health care includes healthy eating and good exercise; sick care includes only getting treatment when there is something wrong.
Health care would be taking preventative steps to educate the public on nutrition.
Some other things that are more likely to happen with weight problems are; hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, respiratory problems, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, dyslipidema, steatohepatitis, insulin resistance, asthma, hyperuricemiad, reproductive hormone abnormalities, polycystic ovarian syndrome, impaired fertility, and adult onset diabetes (Super).
As if that is not enough, if the diabetes start before the age of fifteen, that person will lose somewhere between seventeen, or twenty years of life span (Super).
Things are not much better in schools. Energy drinks are viewed as acceptable, when in reality they are just as bad if not worse than soda.
Kids drink carton milk, under the allusion that it will serve as, not only a source of calcium but also vegetables.
It actually fills them with antibiotics that have the same affects as the chicken does.
Meat comes in a box from the government. In the movie Super Size Me, one cook pulled out a box opener stating that that was the best chief tool she had. Morgan Spurlock then wondered how many meals were prepared by hand. When they inspected a lunch menu, they discovered that out of thirty-six meals only six items were prepared by hand.
The movie "Forks Over Knives" explained that powerful voices in the FDA are influenced by different companies. People are have connections that make them opt a different product, with the promise of more money.
We normally think of food in "how many" instead of "how much". How many slices, bowls, or drinks etc...
It would be beneficial to use smaller bowls, cut the pizza into smaller pieces.
It is more cost effective to buy a cheeseburger, soda, and french-fries than to find some vegetables at the grocery store. We live in a world where a bag of chips is less expensive than a head of lettuce. That is sending out the wrong message to consumers
In some cases, people need medical help and they cannot spare a single dollar. In the movie Food Inc., a family was interviewed, and they stated that they must decide between the father's medicine, and eating healthy.
Sadly, they will pay for eating badly in more medical bills that it would have cost them in grocery expenses.
Out of 133 Fire-fighter deaths 52% were caused by heart disease.
Rank Countries Amount
# 1 United States: 30.6%
Health in United States

# 2 Mexico: 24.2%
Health in Mexico

# 3 United Kingdom: 23%
Health in United Kingdom

# 4 Slovakia: 22.4%
Health in Slovakia

# 5 Greece: 21.9%
Health in Greece

# 6 Australia: 21.7%
Health in Australia

# 7 New Zealand: 20.9%
Health in New Zealand
26.6 percent of adults were obese in 2007, which has risen over 6% from 1999. Statistics and estimates say it will increase to as high as 41% of all adults by 20%
Produce often has to travel a long way to get to local grocery stores.
When the farm-hands pick the veggies, they often have not washed their hands. The bacteria from their hands gets sticks onto the produce and makes it's way to our kitchens.
It is not much different in the store. Customers often sneeze or cough and then pick through all of the food.
On the cutting board, things can really get messy.
When the knife breaks through the skin of the fruit/ vegetable, it picks up the bacteria and pulls right into the juicy part, which then goes straight into the digestive system.
We have always needed doctors. But, years ago medicine men used home remedies as medicine, not pills.
Often doctors are tied to a pill company, so of course they push that product, just like those members of the FDA.
We are blessed with the convince of foods from around the world. It is easy to go find a cactus, a kiwi, or a Swiss chard.
The cool thing about plants is they can cure different and specific things. For example; ginger is very good at fighting colds, aloe vera (which is edible) helps heal burns, kale has tons of calcium, and beans are full of protein.
We often need medicine, often times it saves lives. However, we expect to get pills when something is wrong.
In society today, most people have a sedentary job. That is all fine, if they get enough exercise when work is over. However, most people simply run out of time.
Parents have to pick up kids and shuttle them off to the next thing. They must grab dinner for the family; the most convient thing is usually fast food.
Our ancestors had to hunt down, grow and work for their food. They were burning off calories and getting exercise daily.
Not to mention that they only ate natural foods. They had to eat vegetables they grew themselves. The meat the people hunted was game, so it was much leaner, thus healthier.
Before humans are born, the cells are still forming. Totipotent cells are cells that are capable of giving rise to any type of cell. that means the embryo 'decides' if that one cell should be used for muscle, fat, skin...etc...
Scientists are now discovering the uses of stem cells. They have been able to cut open another part of a patient's body, remove the stem cells, and put them somewhere like the heart, and help reverse a heart attack.

Trans: raise LDL
Saturated: raise LDL
- pastries, fatty meat, fried foods, and butter
Mono: raise HDL
Poly: raise HDL
- nuts, coconut oil, vegetable oil, fatty fish like salmon
Cholesterol can be very confusing. What is the difference?
Well, HDL is good fat and LDL is bad fat. (The body produces HDL naturally)
HDL carries the cholesterol from tissues to the liver and out of the body. LDL carries the cholesterol from the liver to the tissue, but it often gets stuck in the arteries.
It helps to remember this:
HDl = "Healthy" cholesterol
LDL= "Lousy" cholesterol
We have so much!
Truth is in the eye of the beholder...or the company
There's something missing
Full yet?
sharing is caring
bigger...and bigger...and bigger!
One family's trash
Many vs. Much
Don't judge a product by it's label
What really happens
What really happens...continued...
Just for intimidation
There are strings attached
"Health care"
Dieting products
More scary problems
Over two thirds?!
Stem cells
Drinks down the lunch line
A box opener?
Bad vs. Good - in cost
Meds or veggies?
Specific plants for specific illnesses
Modern day Saw-bones*
In the olden days, doctors were known as 'Saw-bones' because that was really all they did was...well, saw bones.
Wash your hands! (No, really)
Hunting? Like on the video game?
Get moving!
The biggest countries, in obesity
Wow, that's a lot
America's heroes
obesity = 35 pounds overweight
In lbs.
Chop, mince and slice,
The cows are also given antibiotics, that go directly into our milk and dairy products. Then, when we get sick, we need stronger prescribed antibiotics to fight sickness.
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