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New York

No description

Annalise Bassett

on 12 August 2016

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Transcript of New York

The Plants
New York
New York produces maple trees, apple trees, strawberry bushes, pumpkins, cows,
and cow milk.
New York by Annalise Bassett
New York's neighboring states are: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Vermont. New York entered the union on July 26th 1788. The capital is Albany, New York. Their nickname is "The Empire State".
State Seal
Theodore Roosevelt was born October 27, 1858 in New York City. He was the President of the United States in 1901. He became president when he was only 42 years old because President McKinley was killed. Teddy was sick often as a child, however, overall, he was actually very active. He died on January 6th 1919. He died becauseof a blood clot in his heart.
The Eastern Bluebird
State Bird
State Flower
The Rose
The Sugar Maple Tree
New York
State Tree

New York Forestry, Fishing, and Natural Resources
The computer industry is a big and important one in New York. One of the biggest companies in that business is Annese & Associates Inc.
In New York, the things they make are: materials for printing and photography, computer and electrical equipment, processed foods (grain mills), and clothing.
Top 5 Universities and Public Education
1. Cornell University
2. Colombia University
3. New York University
4. University at Buffalo
and here is my favorite
because my dad is from there...
5. Syracuse University!
Public Education is important in New York State. There are over 4,000 public schools in New York, and they educate over 2.5 million kids. New York spends a lot of money on education, approximately $9,000 on each student.
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Henry Hudson sails the
Hudson River.
The English rename New Netherland New York.
NYC becomes US capital
for five years
The Civil War
The Brooklyn Bridge is finished
Statue of Liberty is
dedicated to America
The Great Depression
Empire State Building
is Finished
Lake Placid hosts
the Winter Olimpic Games
The Iroquois
League Formed
Forests cover most of New York State, and there are many different types of trees. There are many rivers and lakes in New York including the Hudson River, the Niagara River(where Niagara Falls is), the St. Lawrence River, the Finger Lakes, Lake Erie, and Lake Ontario. There are many fish in the lakes and rivers, such as trout, salmon, and spiny finned sunfish. The natural resources include fish, forests, natural gas, oil, Gypsum, Lead, Salt, Talc, Water power, and Zinc.
New York Animals
New York is full of animals, trees, people, and forests. New York has the following mammals: white footed mice, white tailed deer, possums, cottontail rabbits, muskrats, gray squirrels, norway rats, coyotes, eastern chipmunks, and raccoons. They have the following amphibians: spotted salamanders, red backed salamanders, american toads, fowlers toads, bullfrogs, and spring peepers. New York has the following reptiles: red eared sliders, eastern box turtles, eastern painted turtles, gartersnakes, diamond back terrapins, and snapping turtles.

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