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Aisan Sports

No description

Aidan Monroe

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Aisan Sports

Sources Baseball is just as popular in japan than soccer
is in Europe. Baseball is a game where there are four bases, nine innings, nine defensive players on the field at one time, and is played using a wooden or metal bat.
Baseball was introduced to Japan between
1867 and 1873, the first professional team was founded in 1920 and the first Japanese professional league was founded in 1936. Baseball Wushu is a spectacle and also a full-contact
sport based off of some of China's original
martial arts. Wushu developed in China after the year 1949 as an effort to standardize the practice of traditional martial arts and reigns most popular national sport in china at 1.1 billion people. Wushu became an official sport due to the IWUF (International Wushu Federation) who hosts the WWC (World Wushu Championships) every two years. Wushu means "martial arts" in chinese ("wu" for military or martial, and "shu" for arts.) in competitive forms of wushu there are two diciplines: Taolu, (or forms) and Sanda (sparring). Wushu Sepaktakraw Sepaktakraw or kick volleyball, is native to the Malay-thai peninsula and a popular sport in southeast Asia. Sepaktakraw is basically Volleyball and Soccer combined, a volleyball court only a different ball and players are only able to use their feet, chest, head, hips, etc. the ball used is called a rattan ball. In Myanmar, Sepaktakraw is not referred as a competitive sport, but an art and is played often with no opposing team, the goal is to keep the ball airborne smoothly and intriguingly. Historic notes indicate that Sepaktakraw was played during the 15th century's Malacca Sultanate, due to it's metioning in malaysian historical text where there was a conflict that involved death over a rattan ball to the head. International Sepaktakraw games are now controlled by ISTAF (the International Sepaktakraw Federation.) Sepaktakraw is now an event in the asian games as well as the southeast asian games. Dragon Boat Dragon Boat is obviously a water sport that involves a team consisting of twenty paddlers, a drummer, and a steersman racing in boats that look like, well, dragons! the goal of the race is to get past the finish line first. Dragon Boating demonstrates the abilities of power, speed, synchronization, and endurance. with it's roots in Southern China, Dragon Boating is one of the fastest spreading teamed water sport. Every year, major racing festivals are held all around the world. one of the reasons Dragon boating is so widely spread is due to Dragon Boating's ability to accommodate a wide range of skill levels from novice to competitive. The origin of dragon boating comes from a legend of a man who was a scholar and adviser. He jumped into the Mei Lo river out of anger at the government of the kingdom he lived in. Common fishermen went to go save him with what was the same amount of people as a Dragon Boating team. They threw food into the river to make sure water dragons wouldn't eat the adviser's body. Dragon boating evolved from that legend into the sport we know of today. - www.baseball-refrence.com/bullpen/History_of_baseball_in_Japan
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wushu_(sport)
- wushu.stanford.edu/whatis.html
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepak_takraw
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fencing#Rules
- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/table_tennis BY: Aidan Monroe Asian Sports FYI: All of these sports I am about to show you are
in the asian games and some even appear in the olympic games. So let's get started with a sport we're all familiar with... Fencing Fencing isn't just my favorite out of the bunch, but is really cool and interesting. Fencing is a combat sport is divided into three different versions: Competitive fencing (or Olympic fencing), Classical fencing, and Historical fencing. Olympic fencing is divided into the three sword type used: Foil, a thrusting sword that can only score a point if the tip makes contact with the target area, Sabre, a sword that can score a hit when cutting or thrusting with the sensors on the edge of the blade, or epee, (accent on the first and third "e") a thrusting sword like the foil but heavier. All of these events have different rules and are grouped as: men's team, men's individual, woman's team, and women's individual. Classical fencing is basically the same sport only it approaches fencing as more of a martial art. The uniforms used in fencing are made from strong cotton or nylon with Kevlar added to the highest ranking outfits. Table Tennis Table Tennis is played with two or four people hitting a light weight (or Ping-Pong) ball across a table made for the sport.Excluding serving the ball, players must let the ball only one bounce on their side before hitting the ball back. Points are counted when one side is unable to return the ball within game rules. Table Tennis is very popular in china and china has had very high scores in table tennis in every olympic games when Table tennis is featured. Table Tennis games end when one player or team reaches eleven points. There are two ways to hold a paddle: Shakehand, which is how we usually held the paddles when we played on the service trip, and Penhold, where the paddle is held upside down with only two fingers showing on the front of the paddle. I say Table Tennis is a good sport to play since people with disadvantages are still able to play
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