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House of Anubis Carecters

Like House of Anubis? New to watching it? I am going to show you the 8 main charecters in House of Anubis and their personallitys.

Olivia Grimshaw

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of House of Anubis Carecters

House of Anubis Charecters Nina
Nina might play the innocent American, but not everyone in the house believes her. I mean, she did show up the day Joy disappeared. Patricia is definitely on the case and won't ease up until she gets to the bottom of it. Will Nina be able to figure out fact from fiction in Anubis House - a place where one secret leads to another? If she doesn't prove herself soon, her suspicious classmates just might send her packing back to the States.
Amber only has eyes for Mick. (You can't really blame her. Mick is HOT!) But when weird things start to happen at the Anubis house, even Amber takes notice! The blondie may have her moments, but Ams proves that blondes are a force to be reckoned with
Mara is totally predictable and a bit boring. She might be the one girl you can actually trust. Or is it an act? Here are the facts: Mara's a straight A student, loyal and super sweet. But this shy beauty has major appeal, and Mick has definitely noticed! Yeah, Amber's Mick. Do I sense a love triangle happening? Maybe this girl is worth watching.
Patricia is not someone you want to mess with. She's got no patience for nonsense and zero respect for creepy teachers or suspicious people. Can you blame her? She's dead set on proving that Nina's got something to do with Joy's disappearance. Will Patricia soften up and befriend Nina? I don't see that happening any time soon.
On paper Fabian seems like he could be trusted. He's sweet, he's smart , he's been awfully nice to Nina while everyone else has kept their distance, and it doesn't hurt that he's cute. If anyone can figure out all the scary stuff happening in Anubis House first, it might just be Fabian. Or can he actually be trusted?
With good looks and charm to spare, Mick has poor Amber wrapped around his little finger. Sigh. He seems like a good guy, but I've noticed him giving the eye to Mara lately. Could all this flirting be a ruse to hide what he's really up to? Keep an eye on this guy.
Thank goodness for Alfie. The secrets of Anubis can get pretty serious, so thankfully Alfie is always there to lighten things up. Now if only he were better at picking friends. His closest classmate Jerome is constantly tripping him up with practical jokes, and his longtime crush Amber doesn't even know he exists! Somehow it doesn't seem to bother Alfie, who can always find something funny about Anubis House. For now.
The J in Jerome must stand for joker. From what I see, everyone at Anubis House should be on guard when Jerome is up to something, because he loves to stir up trouble. While this may not make him a great mate to have, his trickiness could come in handy when it comes time to sneak around the Anubis House. But it could also spell betrayal for his unsuspecting schoolmates. Watch out Anubis housemates.
Like House of Anubis? New to watching it? I am going
to show you the 8 main charecters in House of Anubis
and their personallitys. As a bonus I am going to tell you about Patricias friend
Joy. Joy has gone missing and Patricia thinks the teachers at her school, Victor and some of the police are all behind it. Joy was just a regular student in the House of Anubis, until she mysteriously vanished What do you think happened to Joy? Keep watching House of Anubis to find out. Thankyou for watching!
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