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Mentor Archetype Project

No description

Breanna Zamora

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Mentor Archetype Project

Mentor Archetype Project
Example two: Merlin

Merlin is also a well-known leader that hs starred in many books and Arturian legend. He is supposedly a wizard that was born from a mortal woman and an incubus (a non-human). Merlin is the main advisor, prophet, and magician. In the first ever book he starred in he assits Uther Pendragon and supposedly transports the stones from stonehenge, from Ireland.
Gandalf is a great example of the archetype "mentor" because he is well-known in the many famous movies he stars in. Like "Yoda" and "Merlin" he helps his fellow warriors to overcome their worst fear. He also helps guide them to their own journey to accomplish there passions.
Psychologist Mentor Traits
Usually aged male that conveys maturity therefore, equals experience.
Aids or trains the hero. Gives charms and totems to assist the hero, but this is just apsychological focal point, for the mentor knows that the itinerant, has everything necessary to come out of the journey a hero.
Represents the wiser and more godlike qualities within us.
They have already undergone the journey to deeper living.
They often play the role of a sergeant, squad leader, or even a drill instructer.
The first character that fits our archetype, the mentor, is Yoda from the famous movie "Star Wars". In "Star Wars" Yoda is a legendary Jedi master and has a very empowering connection with "the force". He has trained many Jedi's for over 800 years, and has an important role in the Clone Wars, the mentoring of Luke Skywalker, and discovering the way to immortality.
Merlin Part 2
Merlin also fits the archetype "mentor" because he has great knowledge that he shares with many wizards and kings in many books. He also is very useful to these people, and they take his advise begin a journey of their own disovery.
Example 3: Gandalf
Gandalf in "The Hobbit" and "Lord of the Rings" series is also a great and powerful wizard that fits the archetype "mentor". Gandalf starts the adventure of Bilbo Baggins by having the gathering of Bilbo and the Dwares. He is very useful in both series and has lots of magic, wisdom, and contacts to help the Dwarves out.
Yoda Part 2
Yoda from "Star Wars" fits into the archetype "mentor" because he is a legendary figure that shows many Jedi's how to fight. He is the mentor in the movie and trains Jedi's all of his life and shows them there true destiny.
Breanna Zamora and Hailey Lutz
Wicked Expert
The mentor in the “Something Wicked This Way Comes” written by Rad Bradbury would be Charles Halloway, Will’s Father. In the story, Bradbury writes “Dad don’t stop, thought Will. When you talk, its swell in here. You’ll save us. Go on.”(39:20). In addition, Charles provides many lectures to the boys of good and bad (evil). He serves as a mentor to the boys by reassuring them their experience, in adulthood by making his statement of “I believe.” In the mysterious novel, Bradbury shows throughout the book, that Charles may be very peculiar, but serves as a mentor to Jim and Will.
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