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Zoe Bumgarner

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Buddhism

Siddhartha Gautauma was the young prince and also a member of the Warrior class. Siddhartha Gautuma,
also known as Buddha Siddhartha began to ask questions about human life, after seeing many people grieving for lost loved ones. He didnt give up, he was detirmened to find the answers he was seeking, He also started fasting, which is going without food for a number of days. This is what Siddhartha looked
like while in the process of "Fasting" He also took up alot of his time by doing meditation, which is focusing the mind on spiratual ideas. As he traveled to find his answers,
the buddhist gained many followers.
Many of the followers were merchants
and artisans India, which is the place where Buddhist believe Siddhartha reached Enlightenment. FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS-
1.)suffering and unhappiness are a part of the human life, no one can escape sorrow 2.)suffering comes from desires and for pleasure
and material goods.
3.) People can overcome their desires and ignorance, and reach nirvana 4.) People can overcome deisre and ignorance
by following The Eightfold Path THE EIGHTFOLD PATH--

1.) Right thought 2.) Right intentions 3.) Right Speech 4.) Right action 5.) Right Livlihood 6.) Right Effort 7.) Right Mindfulness 8.) Right Concentration Siddhartha spent 6 years looking for his answers , until he reached the city of Gaya.... 7 weeks of meditation he had finally got the answers he was looking for, Suffering comes from 3 things-

-Wanting what we like but do not have

-wanting to keep what we like and already have

-not wanting what we dislike but but have The Tree Siddharth meditated under, the Buddhist now call it
-"The Tree of Knowledge"- Siddharth spent the rest of his life traveling and teaching his ideas about buddhism to others, he even taught a few kings around India. Years after the buddhas death,his followers spread his teachings throughtout India. And after 200 years had past after his death, Buddhism had spread through most of India. The spread of buddhism took off after Kind Asoka had converted to Buddhism. Soon after, he started building temples, and schools to learn about buddhism. He also worked on spreading Buddhism through the outside of India, Asoka sent Buddhist missionaries to other kingdoms throughout Asia. Some missionaries went to places such as Sri Lanka, and the Himalayas, mostly focusing on the lands west of India. They even taught the teaching of Buddha as far away as Syria & Egypt. Spread Via Silk rd. all the way to China, Korea, & Japan. It was taught to MILLIONS! dissgareements started between the buddhist: and they eventually split into two branches.
The Theravanda & Mahayana

[Theravanda-(following exactly what the buddha preached)]

[Mahayana-(agree to reach nirvana but with others help)
And the Buddhist religion continues to grow to this day... Get notes and begin working,

when you're finished,we'll go over the notes

then we'll pass our your Assessment Worksheet

(if you finish early, ask us for the worksheet)
Sri Lanka--
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