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King Lear

The story

Anya Colyer

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of King Lear

What Happened? They had to... A happy couple King Lear disowned Cordelia with rage What Lear did... Two men, Goneril and Regan undermine Lear's power that he holds. Unable to believe that his daughters are petraying him, he begins to go insane. Lear regrets He Flees An old noblemen, called Gloucester, faces difficulties with his family. His son-Edmund-tricks Gloucester that his other son(Edgar)is trying to kill him. Meanwhile... Edgar also flees Gloucester ends up being led by his disguised son, Edgar. He is brought to Dover, where Lear has been led to. where they end up Some give up hope By Anya Colyer King Lear King Lear did not want to be king
anymore, so he split his kingdom. each
of his three daughters got a third of the
Kingdom, but first they had a test to prove that they wanted it. The daughters had to tell King Lear how much they loved him. His two eldest daughters told him with an answer that made him proud, but his youngest daughter-his favorite too-didn't say a word. She said that NO words can be described for how much she loved him. The King of France still wanted to
marry Cordelia, even without her land.
She accompanies the King without her
fathers consent and moved to France
with her husband. Lear flees on a heath during a thunder storm, with a noblemen in disguise. Edgar disguises as a beggar called 'poor Tom' and, like Lear, he heads off onto the heath.

When Gloucester realizes that Lears daughters are turning against their father. He decides to help Lear, even though it is dangerous.

Regan and her husband-Cornwall-discover Gloucester helping Lear and accuse him of treason. They blind him and send him to the countryside. Gloucester is so sad and tries to commit suicide, but Edgar saves him by tricking him in thinking he had been led off of an imaginary cliff! The war begins. In Dover,a war begins.A French army lands in Dover.They are involved in an invasion planned by Cordelia. Love happens... Edmund falls in love with both Regan and Goneril. Goneril has a husband called Albany. Goneril has an affair with Edmund and they set out to kill Albany. Meanwhile... The English troops reach Dover and-led by Edmund-defeat the French army. Lear and Cordelia are captured. Also, Edgar and Edmund battle, Edgar kills Edmund. more death... Goneril poisons Regan because of jealousy over Edmund.She then kills herself after her treason is revealed Albany. Edmund's dishonesty to Cordelia leads to her unneeded execution. Lear finally dies of grief because of Cordelias execution. The way it ends... Albany, Edgar and old Kent are the only ones left to look after the country.They are left with a country of anguish and bitterness. Character list KING LEAR: The king of Britain CORDELIA: Lear's youngest Daughter and the wife of the French King. GONERIL: Lear's eldest daughter and the wife of Albany. She is ruthless and power hungry. REGAN: Lear's middle daughter and the wife of the duke of cornwall. She is a lot like Goneril. GLOUCESTER: A nobleman to King Lear. EDGAR: Gloucester's oldest legitimate son. EDMUND: Gloucester's youngest and illegitimate son. KENT: A noblemen to King Lear. disguises as a peasant called 'Caius'. ALBANY:The wife of Lear's daughter,Goneril. CORNWALL:The mean husband of Regan Quiz? How many daughters did Lear have? 3 Which of the daughters didn't give an answer? Cordelia Cordelia marries a king, what country is he king of? France Which of Gloucester's son's tricked him? a) Edmund b) Edgar Edgar Where are Gloucester and Lear led to? Dover
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