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Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt

No description

Stephanie Tapia

on 17 November 2011

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Transcript of Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt

1. Where was Shakespeare born? -Henley Street, Stratford-upon-Avon, England 2. Who were his parents? -John and Mary Shakespeare 3.When was Shakespeare baptized? -April 26, 1564 4. What was his father's occupation? -A glover 5.Who did Shakespeare marry? -Anne Hathaway 6. How many kids did he have? What were their names? -3: Susanna Hall, Hamlet Shakespeare, Judith Quiney 7. When did Shakespeare arrive in London? -1592 8. To what acting company did Shakespeare belong? -Lords Chamberlain Company 9. What was the title of his first play? -Titus Androicus 10. How many plays did he write? How many sonnets? -37 plays & 154 sonnets 11. On what play do many scholars believe Othello is based? -"Un Captitano Moro" 12. Approximately how many different words did Shakespeare utilize(or create) in the English Language? -1700
In contrast, how many different words were utilized in the creation of the King James version of the Bible? -
13. When did Shakespeare die? -April 23, 1616 Now presenting in the Globe Theater... Starting with the basics... 14. When was the Globe theater built? -1599 15. Where was it located? - Southwark Bridge Rd, London 16. When did it burn down? How did the fire start? - In 1613 during the performance of Henry VIII a cannon was used to mark the King's entrance. Ignited the thatch of the roof. 17. Briefly describe how the audience was divided and arranged for performances. -The richer guest of higher status were placed in the balconies & the poorer citizens sat near the front of the stage 18. How many people could the Globe hold for a performance? -1500 people & it expanded to 3000 19. Who performed there? -theater actors 20. Who played the female roles in the play? -men A few miscellaneous tidbits... 21. Briefly describe the difference between a comedy and a tragedy. -a tragedy usually ends in the death of the main character(s) 22. Some people do not think that Shakespeare wrote his plays accredited to his name. Who do some people believe wrote Shakespeares plays? -Christopher Marlowe 23. Approximately how many people lived in London (its city proper and its suburbs)? 24. How big was the next largest city in Europe? 25. What was the black plague? How many people did it kill? What effect did it have on the public theater? 26. What are the four humors? Breifly describe them. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Queen of England... 27. List the order of monarch who reigned during Shakespeare's life. -Queen Elizabeth I, and King James I. 28. Why did Henry the VIII create the Church of England? -He wanted a divorce, but the pope wouldnt grant it. If he was head of a church he could marry and divorce as he pleased. 29. Under which monarch did England temporarily return to Catholicism? -Mary I 30. Why didnt Queen Elizabeth marry while she held the throne? -She didnt want to lose power. 31. How was Mary Queen of Scots related to Elizabeth? Why was she executed? -Elizabeth was the daughter of Henry VIII, son of Henry VII. Mary of Scotland was the randaughter of Queen Margaret, the daughter of Henry VII 32. About which monarchs did Shakespeare write history plays? -John, Henry III, Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III, Henry VII, and Henry VIII. A bit about the science of the time... 33. Briefly describe Machiavelis philosophical views on religion and the monarchy. 34. Briefly describe the Ptolemaic system of the universe. 35. What is alchemy and how did its study benefit modern chemistry? You're hired as chief Dramaturges... 36. Who are the moors? Where did they come from? What were they doing in Europe in the sixteenth century? 37. Where is Cyprus? What was its importance in the sixteenth century? -It is southwest of Asia. Its the ancient world which is known as the cradle of wester civilization. 38. What was the economic state of Venice in the sixteenth century? 39. What are the symptoms of epilepsy? ehat conditions generally precipitate an epileptic seizure -it was a disease. It killed over 375 million. Fewer people came to see theater because they were dead, sick, or afraid of getting the disease -Venice was in great state -It is the medieval forerunner of chemistry. It's chemical experiments eventually led to the science of chemistry.
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