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New Boy by Julian Houston

Description about the book

Nick Konz

on 1 November 2011

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Transcript of New Boy by Julian Houston

New Boy by Julain Houston Character List:
Rob Garrett-main character
Vinnie-main characters best friend
Mr. Spencer-dean of students
Dillard-school bully Summary: Rob Garrett moves away from an black community to an all white school to have a better education for himself. He learns quickly that as long as he keeps quiet life will be easy for him at his stay at Draper. Over time people start to pick on Vinnie,
Robs best friend. They make fun of him
cause he's Jewish and has an acne problem.
Eventually he moves away and Rob doesn't
want what happened to Vinnie to happen
to him. Later in the book Rob meets Malcolm X
and Malcolm tells him when he goes back to
school to put himself out there and to be different
but nice so people accept colored people as the
same as them. He takes this advice to heart
and people accept him eventually. Malcolm X Learned in the story that in order to get
what he wants he has to strive for it and
never to give up. Even though he's colored,
as long as he trys hard, he will always be
accepted. Rob Garrett My thoughts In my opinion I would reccomend this
book to most people. It had good morals and
it taught a valuable lesson. This Prezi was brought
to you by Nick Konz I would rate this book 4/5 overall.
It was a good book but some parts
got kind of boring but overall it
was a great book
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