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No description

Alaina Tan

on 10 May 2015

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Transcript of McDonalds

Background Information
Marketing Research Problem #1
Management Decision
Problem #1

To introduce a new line of health-conscious foods and beverages.
Management Decision
Problem #2
Executive Summary
McDonald's took on the lead at 55% as the most visited fast food restaurant
However, 44% of our respondents were more comfortable dining at Starbucks

Customer service, Cleanliness, and Quality of Food were found to be the most important factors in choosing the preferred restaurant.
However, Customer Service and Quality of Food were rated the lowest at McDonald's

70% of respondents would visit McDonald's more often if the quality of experience was better

76% of respondents want healthier options

To boost sales, McDonald's should explore healthier options such as turkey burgers, real fruit juices, and a larger variety of salads

To increase market share, McDonald's should look into customer experience factors - customer service, quality of food, and cleanliness

Email Invites:
Total Completed:
Survey Created:
November 12th 2014
Survey Closed on:
November 30th 2014
The survey was sent out to McDonald's customers and non-McDonalds customers
Now what?
by Alaina Tan, Marissa Wong, Ridwana Rafiq,
Jason Ramos, Sangmin Lee, Eyad Alkadi

Dick & Mac McDonald opened McDonald's Bar-B-Q in San Bernardino, California

McDonald's is founded

Opened the first McDonald's restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois.

Opened more than 100 restaurants.

First international McDonald's restaurants open in Canada & Puerto Rico.

McDonald’s is currently one of the most successful restaurant chains around the world with more than 35,000 restaurants worldwide in 119 countries
Serves nearly 70 million people in over 100 countries on a daily basis


What are the competitive advantages that competitors have in the health-conscious foods and beverage market that McDonald’s could/should invest in?

Determine the types of ingredients that attract the health-conscious community.
For example, juice bars, vegan and vegetarian foods, a gluten free section, sugar free foods and drinks, “simple & fit” alternative meals.

Marketing Research Problem #2
To increase market share in the fast-food industry
Determine the factors that can improve customer experience at McDonald's.
For example: homely decor, cleanliness, service

What are the competitive advantages that competitors have that attract loyalty that McDonald's should/could invest in?
To conduct a follow-up survey that would provide valuable insights to R&D department pertaining to the healthy food options that customers enjoy at competitor/other restaurants
For example, what healthy alternatives does Wendy's
have that McDonald's can explore?

To conduct a focus groups in order to get elaborate information on the position and image of customer experience with McDonald's compared to Starbucks- with the aim of taking over part of their market share.
*Gender was almost equally split, as a result, gender wasn't a determining factor
*McDonald's comes in with over 50% as respondents' first choice
*McDonald's is
the most visited fast food restaurant
*Every 3 out of 4 respondents would visit McDonald's more frequently if it had more health conscious items.
*44% of respondents prefer dining in at Starbucks
*Quality of experience is important to our respondents. 70% would visit McDonald's more often if quality of experience was better.
*Customer Service, Cleanliness, and Quality of Food came in as the most important factors in choosing a restaurant
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