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Lesson plan verb To be

No description

robinson ospino fonseca

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Lesson plan verb To be

Lesson plan verb To be
Activity Description

The teacher does the daily activities
The student in sitting in five groups. The teacher give to each group a different puzzle about the member´s family pictures (the Simpsons and with one sentence, for example: My mother and my father are at home. My grandparents are lovely, my family is big or my family is big.
Then the groups have to assemble the shortest time possible. Each group shows your picture and read the sentences
Finally the teacher asks them "who are they? or who are these people
Presentation about the topic
Explanation of worksheet
Group activities
Evaluating the topic
collaborative work 2
Robinson Ospino F. 9268008
Group 551006_20
Tutor Ricardo Hernandez
UNAD 2016
Topic: verb to be
Grade: 4th
Teacher Robinson Ospino
Time: 2 Hours
Objective: To identify the member of family applying the correct use of the verb to be in the affirmative, given the vocabulary and grammatical structures that are relevant to each situation
Technology in Teaching as Foreign Language
Warm Up

Video about Simpson´s family vocabulary
The board is divided in two parts in the first part the teacher with the imagines of this character form a tree family. When the teacher shows the picture ask "who is he? student say "Homer" then the teacher say Homer is the father. Stick the picture on the board and write down "father" and so with the other images.
The teacher puts again the video and practice with the students the pronunciation of these words and she/ he puts emphasis on the form of verb to be
On the other part of the board still has written
in a chart
I am we are
you are you are
he is they are
she is
it is
After the teacher shows the Homer and says Homer is the father repeat the sentence but using he is father and repeat with the students
(choral drill)

Complete with the verb to be form
Lissa and Maggie___sisters
The teacher passes for each group and observes what the students does in its worksheet and orients the process, for the eliciting the correct answer. When finish the activity say their answers and check the mistakes

The teacher shows on tv a picture of a family, the students listens to the audio about this picture. If is necessary, the teacher repeats again the audio.
Then give to each student one sheet with same picture about the audio and some ask of false or true, they must answer in less possible time
The student writes in your notebook the text referent the audio, but with some space for complete with the form of the verb to be.
Write 10 sentences about your families, use occupation and adjective
example My mother is pretty my father is farmer.
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