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No description

Dean Smith

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of LMP

Standardized, repeatable, predictable Labor Management Process Forecast Schedule Manage the schedule Improve DAILY WEEKLY Revisit Forecasts / Labor Needs Forecast Volume & Allowable Hours DAILY WEEKLY Adjust schedule in-week Schedule vs allowable hours DAILY WEEKLY Actively adjust intra-day, monitor adherence, restrict punches Pay to punch DAILY WEEKLY Labor waste is recorded Assess results, correct and improve WFM supports all levels of LOB:
Define:  Process and tools
Enable:  Deployment toolkit and training
Monitor:  Performance
Partner:  Change network, training, process improvement FLM:
Comply:  Enforce standards, follow process, & use tools
Perform:  Assess, action plan, & improve
Learn:  Move from compliance towards mastery DM
Lead:  Set expectations
Monitor:  performance and behavior change
Enable:  Remove barriers and obtain assistance
Perform:  Hold sites accountable Change Network
Learn:  Develop expertise in labor / change management
Partner:  with Region / District operations
Coach:  Train, action plan,
Facilitate: Performance  Coach, action plan, remove barriers LOB Leadership
Lead:  Acknowledge the change journey and impacts
Culture:  Set the tone for culture change
Communicate:  clear expectations
Capacity:  Identify Labor Champions & deployment support roles
Capability:  Prepare leaders and change network Transition Roles
And Responsibilities 6 FLM DM Change Network LOB Leadership WFM Team What is LMP? How do we make the transition?
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