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Train the Trainers

No description

Michael Jacobson

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Train the Trainers

Look at Successful Speakers! Note their styles and habits. Keep them in mind when you speak! Look Your Best! You will feel more confident and professional. Know the Room! If possible, tour the room you will be speaking in ahead of time. The more familiar you are with your environment, the more comfortable you will be. Size of room? Proximity to
audience? SUCCESSFUL PRESENTING! Train the Trainers
2012/2013 Michael Jacobson
Sr. Training Specialist
Step Up For Students DO NOT DRINK! Liquid Courage = DISASTER! Know Your Material! Know your topic, what you want to say, and how you want to say it. Flexibility is good. "Winging it" is NOT. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! If available, try your presentation out on a friend or family member ahead of time. Practice your presentation in front of a mirror. If possible, film yourself and review the footage for a more accurate idea of how you will come across. Be Confident! Envision yourself succeeding. If you believe you'll be great, you will be! Know Your Audience! What do they expect? Information? Entertainment? Both? Tailor your speech and delivery style to your recipients. Relax! Don't be your own worst critic! If you make a mistake, it's not the end of the world. Chances are, your audience won't even notice! Relax! Don't give it away if you're nervous. A little anxiousness is normal, but don't announce it. Your audience wants to believe you have it all under control! Slow Down! Nerves can lead to speaking too quickly. Pace yourself! Speak at normal rate, or even slower, if necessary. Make Eye Contact! Your audience will have more confidence when you look at them instead of your notes! Keep Your Sense of Humor! A lighthearted comment or two can help win your audience over. BUT...don't overdo it! Don't Fret! If you do make a major mistake, don't let it throw you. Just acknowledge it and move on. Keep It Short! Don't make your presentation longer than necessary. Know your purpose and what's expected of you. Stay on topic! It's Not About You! The more you can take the focus off yourself, the better. Concentrate on the message, not being the messenger! Be Yourself! Your audience is not rooting for you to fail... ...they want you to succeed! DID YOU KNOW:
Ever wonder why you rarely hear or see a live speaker sneeze? It's because adrenaline is a natural antihistamine! DID YOU KNOW:
The shortest inaugural address was by President George Washington: only 135 words long. DID YOU KNOW:
Calvin Coolidge gave the first ever State of the Union address on radio, Harry S Truman gave the first for television, and George W. Bush the first to be livecast on the internet. DID YOU KNOW:
The great Greek orator Demosthenes practiced his speeches with pebbles in his mouth to overcome a stammer! DID YOU KNOW:
Halls that host Presidential debates are kept at 62 degrees for the event...so that the candidates aren't seen sweating. One thing you want to avoid is reading your presentation directly off the slide. If you've ever watched someone do that, you probably felt that person wasn't very prepared. You may have even thought, "I can read this by myself." It definitely distracts your audience and causes them to lose focus. So try not to do it!
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