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Steve Jobs

No description

Océanne Tremblay

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Description:
Steven Paul Jobs Océanne Tremblay &
Mathilde Véronneau Early life: Begining of career: Success: Inventions: Images: iBook A list of the most important apple inventions from the start! Apple Inventions USB Mouse Power Mac Macbook 100 Macintosh iPhone iMac iPad and iPad mini SHUFFLE CLASSIC iTunes Macbook Pro Magic Mouse Power Adapter Apple I, Apple II, and Apple III TOUCH NANO Conclusion: febuary 24, 1955 in San Francisco to October 5, 2011 in Palo Alto In conclusion, Steve Jobs, was a great influance all around the world... AWARDS AND HONORS Important Dates 1998 :

-Jobs was chief executive at Apple

2000 :

-Jobs becomes permanent CEO at Apple

2004 :

-Pixar’s contract with Disney was expiring, so they had to find a new partner

2006 :

-Disney bought Pixar for $7.4 billions

2007 :

-Apple entered the phone business by introducing the iPhone

2011 :

-because of his health, Jobs left his position but stayed at Apple

-his shares at Apple dropped five present 1985 :

-bad sales caused Jobs to push his staff into working too many hours

-Steve was fired from Apple

-Jobs created NeXT Inc.

1986 :

-Jobs bought the company that will later be named Pixar for 10 million dollars

1990 :

-Jobs released NeXTstation and other products for his new company.

-he released the second generation NeXTcube

-he created NeXTmail, to also send voice, image, graphics and video in email

1993 :

-NeXT stoped making machines and started making only softwares

1995 :

-Jobs produced Toy Story, his first film with Pixar

1996 :

-NeXT created the software WebObjects

1997 :

-Apple bought NeXT

-NeXT’s software was used to build Apple Store, iTunes Store and other services

-Jobs got more and more promotions at Apple 1976 :

-created Apple computer with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne

-Jobs and Wozniak were the primary co-founders of the company

-Wozniak invented the Apple 1 computer

-they received money to start selling

1977 :

-Rob Janoff created the logo

1978 :

-Mike Scott became Apple’s CEO


- John Sculley became Apple’s CEO

1984 :

- Jef Raskin, an Apple employee invented the Macintosh His money... 5.426 million Apple shares worth $2.1 billion + 138 million shares in Disney worth $4.4 billion 2010 : $8.3 billions 42nd-wealthiest American The NeXT computer & the NeXT cube INVENTIONS WITH NeXT NeXTdimension Occupations: Co-founder, Chairman and CEO,
Apple Inc.
Co-founder and CEO,
Founder and CEO,
NeXT Inc. Original parents :

Abdulfatthat "John" Jandali


Joanne Carole Schieble PARENTS Adoptive parents :

Paul Reinhold Jobs


Clara Jobs SCHOOLS - Monta Loma Elemantary School ;
- Cruttenden Middle School ;
- Cupertino Middle School ;
- Homestead High School... mechanist accountant Steve Jobs (2 years old) Patty Jobs -engineer Larry Lang -Explorer's club -first office computer by Hewlett-Packard -Steve Wozniak -Atari -a challenge
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