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Local Environment of the Aztecs

What sort of environment did the Aztecs dwell in?

Ethan Mendiolea

on 14 June 2014

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Transcript of Local Environment of the Aztecs

Local Environment of the Aztecs
Big thanks to Horrible Histories. The videos appearing in the next slide are originally made by them.
(Yes, I have cleverly likened your actions to those of a blind gorilla.)
Thank you for listening
Aztec Videos
Fauna: Tropical birds, monkeys, deer, coyotes, eagles, dogs, rabbits, jaguar, frogs, snakes and fish.
Flora: Cacao plants, various grasses, trees, and flowers. A special plant was called the poinsettia plant.
Crops: Grain, corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, and sunflowers.
Aztec Fauna and Flora
The mountain springs supplied most of the water and protection for the Aztecs. There was an active volcano, Popcatepetl. Lakes like Lake Texcoco were flowing bodies of water with water systems and swampy lands. Swampy lands were dug up into piles and eventually created islands, canals and chinampas, which were drained fields. The Aztecs kept the canals clean with fresh water from the mountain springs regularly. The chinampas were useful because they allowed the Aztecs to farm.
Aztec Geography
The rainfall amount was about 450mm in the north and up to 1000mm in the south. The average temperature the Aztecs had to endure was about 12 degrees Celsius. This temperature also helped with the growing of crops.
Aztec Climate
A Quiz!

Q1) What was the main producer of protection and water?
a} Chinampas
b} Mountain springs
c} Crops
d} Taco makers
Q2) Name one volcano in Aztec times.
a} Popcatepetl
b} Dinatonapetl
c} Flower petal
d} Taco makers
Q3) What were the swampy grasslands called?
a} Chinampas
b} Chin amps
c} China lamps
d} Taco makers
Q4) What was the average Aztec temperature?
a} 12 degrees
b} 12 degrees Celsius
c} 12 degrees Fahrenheit
d} Taco makers
Q5) Where were the Aztecs from?
a} Spain
b} Mexico
c} Sri Lanka
d} Taco makers
Q6} Who made tacos?
a} Peasants
b} Merchants
c} No one
d} Taco makers
Have you been listening?
Q1) Mountain Springs!
Q2) Popcatepetl
Q3) Chinampas
Q4) 12 degrees Celsius
Q5) Mexico!
Q6) No one - tacos weren't around in those days! (Thumbs up if you got that correct)
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